Protecting your business and recover your IT quickly from any disruptive event.

Business resilience

Technology is front and centre of operational resilience. Today’s unique dependence on digital means that organisations of every size need to make provision for recovery and continuity in the event of a system or data issue. Not just for the assurance of being able to get back to BAU but also for that confidence in your IT estate to compete and innovate.

Business resilience doesn’t come in a handy ‘one size fits all’ wrapper. But in Redcentric, you do have one expert partner who can wrap up the recovery challenge.

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Recover and protect your organisation’s data. Choose from a range of cost-effective options geared for today’s hybrid environments

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Safeguard your critical systems’ availability during an incident. Reduce your downtime and minimise service disruption to employees and customers.

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Consistent end user experience

Business continuity consultancy

Work with our experts to build a resilience capability that better balances risk appetite, operational demands and budgetary constraints.

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Overcome your business resilience challenges

Operational disturbance can impact your organisation’s reputation, availability to deliver and customer satisfaction. Here are some ways that we can support your business recovery by overcoming challenges such as:

Protecting against operational downtime

Keep up and running and avoid the estimated £5000 per minute losses that come from being offline.

Maintaining availability of your data and applications

Focus on ensuring Business as Usual to maintain productivity, transactional capability and profitability.

Improving risk profile to drive down insurance premiums

Leverage proven business resilience provision to negotiate more competitive insurance cover.

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Protecting brand reputation and value

Insulate your organisation from post-incident share price volatility and unquantifiable brand damage and loss of confidence.

Meeting regulatory needs

Adhere more easily to often complex compliance demands around uptime, availability and retention.

Protecting business data and systems in the event of a cyber security attack

Get on the front foot with a strong, tested recovery response to mitigate the effects of a cyber incident.

Get prepared with a business resilience MOT

We help you to prepare and achieve a permanent state of readiness which goes far beyond a simple DR plan or a review of which technologies you’ve opted for. Our experts help your organisation to understand how you can plan, prepare, be practised and be ready.
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We begin at the end: understanding precisely what recovery objectives (both recovery time and recovery point) your organisation needs to adhere to and working back from there. We aim to balance risk appetite, target budget, desired SLAs and available resources to build the optimal blend of protection and cost.

The next step is to audit your environment, understanding where workloads sit, identifying endpoints, evaluating systems and processes to build a map of risks to help navigate your resilience and recovery options.

Rest assured that the carefully selected service options are deployed with equal care and skill. Whether fully managed, co-managed or self-service, solutions benefit from our domain expertise and customer care ethos.

Nothing gets signed off until it is put through its paces and shown to be meeting the recovery objectives identified in the initial consultancy phase. This is where any fine-tuning takes place to cement confidence in your operational resilience.

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We were looking for a like for like service, but got a lot more for less: fully managed IaaS with Disaster Recovery, cloud backup and support we can rely on. Migration to Redcentric’s IaaS platform was completed in just 4 weeks. The team were absolutely amazing!

Why trust Redcentric to support your operational resilience

  • Wide range of backup and disaster recovery services to support your data, systems and reputation
  • Dedicated account manager to work to optimise your solution
  • 20 years of experience managing mission-critical networks
  • Trusted advisor skilled in architecting coherent solutions for every size and type of business
  • The right solution aligned with your regulatory needs
  • Dual 24/7 operation and security centres

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