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Enterprise Cloud IaaS solutions

Your business’s performance hinges on the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure. At Redcentric we understand the demands and agility required to be innovative in today’s digital landscape, which is why we’re using cutting-edge technology to meet your future demands.

Underpinned by cutting-edge VMware Cloud Foundation 5 and HPE GreenLake technology, our wholly owned IaaS solutions allow you to redefine your cloud experience with a platform designed for modern applications, Kubernetes container management and machine learning. Our enterprise cloud platform delivers hyperscale capabilities for applications, offering a robust alternative to public cloud services providing true flexibility and scalability for diverse workloads within a UK sovereign secure environment.

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Redcentric configured and delivered our IaaS platform in less than half the time of another supplier we had previously used. They were very responsive and having a dedicated Account Manager at this early stage was extremely helpful as it meant we always had a central point of contact supporting us throughout the deployment.

Enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure to meet your future needs

We provide you flexibility in how you consume Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), delivering you a wide range of benefits, including:

Our IaaS cloud platform is underpinned with the latest VMware Cloud Foundation 5 and HPE GreenLake technologies,providing you with a cutting-edge, best-of-breed cloud solution to create a highly extensible and reliable enterprise cloud experience. Our focus on innovation and delivering you a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure ensures that your business benefits from the most advanced capabilities in the cloud landscape as well as unparalleled cloud infrastructure performance, security, and scalability for your critical workloads. This strategic approach not only transforms your cloud capabilities but sets the stage for future-ready solutions aligned with the evolving demands of your business.
Our cloud platform is engineered for hyperscale capabilities, offering your business a compelling alternative to traditional public cloud services whilst ensuring data sovereignty. This unique feature empowers your teams with unparalleled flexibility and scalability, specifically tailored for diverse workloads within a wholly owned, secure environment. Benefit from impressive speeds that process information at rates 25 times faster than previous platforms, this hyperscale capability translates into significantly quicker system refresh rates, providing an unparalleled user experience. Our cloud platform stands as a game-changer, providing your enterprise with the agility and scale you need while ensuring data sovereignty and enhanced operational efficiency.
We know that container management allows you to streamline and orchestrate your applications with unparalleled efficiency. Enjoy the flexibility to run applications consistently across diverse environments, whether on-premises or in the cloud. By leveraging Kubernetes clusters, you can empower your development teams to accelerate innovation, enhance collaboration, and respond swiftly to evolving business needs. Using container management within your cloud solution brings simplicity and efficiency to your application lifecycle management, allowing you to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure complexities.
Meet your evolving demands to innovate in the cloud-driven future. This purpose-built enterprise cloud infrastructure ensures optimal support for modern applications, enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate and deploy cutting-edge solutions. Whether it’s applications leveraging advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, or other emerging technologies, our cloud solution provides the robust foundation needed for efficient and scalable operations. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape, foster innovation and technological advancement in a secure and reliable environment.

Choosing the right cloud platform for your ambitions

What is your aim? To secure a competitive advantage, foster innovation, bolster crucial phases, and align your financial plans? Workloads and goals can differ significantly. In a dynamic landscape encompassing public, private, shared, and hybrid cloud strategies, which option aligns best with your aspirations?

Our guide looks at the different ways your cloud strategy can align with business objectives and workloads to ensure you choose an IaaS platform that’s suitable to achieve your goals.

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Redcentric cloud IaaS solution capabilities

Our range of managed cloud solutions provides you with the following options:

  • Shared or private cloud environment
  • Redcentric owned platforms
  • Processor up to 32 vCPU
  • Memory up to 512 GB
  • Storage up to 63,488 GB
  • Processors typically perform at over 2GHz
  • Up to 2 IOPS per allocated usable GB with an average response time of 10 – 15ms
  • Power-on/power-off
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • DR options & geographic redundancy
  • Interoperability for data & applications
  • Enhanced security
  • Choice of managed OS
  • Accredited UK data centres with ISO standards
  • Flexible connectivity options
VMware cloud verified IaaS

Why Redcentric cloud infrastructure solutions

We provide an extensive array of customisable managed cloud infrastructure solutions, designed to align precisely with our clients’ requirements. You are given the freedom to select your preferred location from within our secure UK data centres, or even opt for geographic redundancy. You can specify your virtual machine prerequisites and decide whether you prefer a dedicated or shared IaaS environment.

This adaptability is seamlessly integrated into our managed IaaS service. We empower you to dictate the resources you necessitate and determine the degree of control to grant your team, all conveniently accessible through a self-service provisioning portal.

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