Specialised cloud services to support the UK Public Sector with trusted and sovereign solutions

Managed Sovereign Cloud services for UK Government

We provide hosting services which ensure data sovereignty for government and wider public sector organisations by offering a highly secure and compliant private cloud at two dedicated UK-based data centres. Our managed services and complementary solutions ensure you are fully supported across your entire IT infrastructure.

We’re a trusted VMware Sovereign Cloud partner, who can support you to meet the government’s ‘Cloud First’ policy and ensure compliance with the 14 cloud security principles defined by the UK National Cyber Security Centre.

Data sovereignty

Data sovereignty

Two UK-based data centres and UK Sovereign focused Security Operations Centre


Security-cleared team

UK resident staff with security clearance

Physical security

Physical security

Rigorous, in-depth security approach with intrusion detection and prevention

PSN pre-certified

PSN pre-certified

Certified for the Public Service Network



Regular audits and penetration tests

Security risk management

Security risk management

Suitable for Official and Official Sensitive workloads

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We are looking forward to continuing our successful partnership with Redcentric. The team have shown that they are a supplier who can provide high standards of service and work with us constructively.

How we add value with our sovereign cloud services to you

Through our expertise and managed services to support your security practices and risk management approach, we work with organisations by providing:

Increased support for agents

Proactive support

Through our proactive monitoring, security automation and cost management

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Transformation expertise

We can support your digital transformation whilst providing expertise that is risk focused and accelerates deployments

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Providing maintenance of security, resilience and compliance requirements for UK Sovereign workloads


Risk management

Delivering fully-recoverable production services to reduce your organisation's risk

Business Continuity Benefits Icon

Business continuity services

Range of business continuity services such as DraaS, Backup and Cloud Recovery


Migration services

Supporting your legacy solutions which are not yet ready for cloud deployment and require a hybrid solution

Cost-Effective Solution Benefits Icon

Cost optimisation

Via the use of our cloud ecosystem we support you to optimise your cloud spend through reducing the scope of audits, IT health checks and optimisations


Automated security

Benefit from automated security which uses templates hardened to recognised standards


How we keep your sovereign data secure

We provide sovereign cloud using our shared security posture to remove the burden of building, maintaining and auditing your own infrastructure. Our sovereign environments keep your data secure with:

  • UK-based security cleared teams
  • Expertise and technical support
  • Choice of two dedicated sovereign cloud data centres with multi-layered secure access
  • PSN and PSNP compliant infrastructure
  • Compliance with NCSC principles
  • Certificate authenticated devices
  • Secure access with multi-factor authentication
  • Detailed monitoring of security cleared personnel for audit trail purposes


We provide Sovereign Cloud for critical national infrastructure and sensitive data, sharing our over 20 years’ experience of helping our public and private sector customers with their security practices and risk management approach.

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Supporting your sovereign cloud requirements

Our public sector customers include those managing sovereign data classified as official and official sensitive including organisations responsible for:

  • Local government public services and public finances
  • Routine international relations and diplomatic activities
  • Public safety, criminal justice and law enforcement
  • Routine defence and international security
  • Commercial and contractual information and intellectual property
  • NHS providers responsible for highly sensitive personal data
  • Personal information protected under the Data Protection legislation
  • Financial services who require sovereign cloud service
  • Airports who require sovereign cloud service
  • ISV’s delivering services to the public sector


Why Redcentric?

Redcentric is a trusted partner to the public sector with over two decades experience and a proven track record.

  • Largest connectivity partner CN-SP providing HSCN access for the NHS
  • G-Cloud supplier
  • PCI compliant hosting services
  • Approved supplier to customers of the Crown Hosting Service (CHDC)
  • NHS Digital partner hosting Critical National Infrastructure – NHS Spine, Peering Exchange
  • Cloud expertise to deliver cloud infrastructure and application migration
  • Proven record in delivering transformation projects
  • Proactive support from UK-based NOC and SOC teams
  • Single supplier with a huge breadth of relevant services

Discuss your needs

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