Enabling business continuity for your employees and customers

Business continuity services for your employees and customers

Maintain essential functions in a time of disruption. Avoid organisational disturbance retaining service availability under circumstances which would impact your organisation’s reputation, availability to deliver and customer satisfaction.

Enable your employees with the tools to stay connected and productive, providing your customers the reassurance that your compliance and service levels remain at the standards they expect and trust.

Our business has been working remotely throughout the pandemic and continues to provide our clients with the service they need and expect. This additional Cisco technology has enabled our business to provide far reaching support to clients throughout the country delivering much needed assistance and guidance.


Securely connect employees to vital information so they can still work from home or remote locations whilst ensuring your network has the resiliency to handle disruptions and increased demands.

Secure remote access allows mobile and home workers to connect to your network through a secure, encrypted tunnel. Reducing risk and ensuring the authenticity of people accessing your systems when working remotely.

Building resilience and capacity into your network supports the continuous operations of your services, data and infrastructure to your employees and customers alike.

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Support the continuous delivery of your internally and externally facing applications to ensure your organisation is always available.

Feel assured by your cloud environments with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) knowing they are hosted in an infrastructure built to a higher resilient standard than traditional on-premise solutions.

Ensure successful planning against your business continuity plans. Redcentric’s DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) allows you to spin up resources from cloud-to-cloud or on-premise to cloud environments, supporting your ability to test real-life situations.

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Connect all your staff, across every location at any time on any device keeping your communications consistent, continuity for your customers and your remote workforce.

Enable your teams to work together as a whole regardless of location and social distancing guidance. Cost effective collaboration tools support your organisation to meet, interact and share information with each other and customers. Extend call functionality into collaboration tools to provide a single application for their communication needs.

Create consistency for your employees and customers by enabling a single number reach on any device. Access your voice application via a desktop or mobile device using the same business call functionality such as call recording, hunt groups and call routing.

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IT security

Protect your data integrity and the availability of your systems. Ensure your organisation is protected across the spectrum from the edge to the endpoint, reducing your susceptibility to attacks, especially in times of disruption.

Take action to maintain your customer facing presence and operational capability, preserving both organisational reputation and business revenues. Create a suitable perimeter to meet governance requirements and detect abnormal activity supporting your availability of web-facing services.

Maintain your data governance and protection against threats on local devices and endpoints. Protect data held on devices through encryption before it is transferred and ensure endpoints are supported with latest patches and antivirus.

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Supporting you at your time of need

“You and your team did a great job in turning round a potential disastrous situation, showing that with commitment and effective teamwork barriers can be taken down and results can be achieved. Your solution has allowed our clinicians access to clinical systems, which in turn enables them to see and treat our patients at this time of need.”

Take a look at how we supported organisations in their business continuity plans.

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