Delivering an improved experience for staff and patients.

Enabling healthcare organisations with technology

Increase the time your clinicians spend with patients and create working efficiencies to reduce the time spent on IT. Technology can help transform interactions and processes, allowing healthcare organisations to work closer together, share patient records, access applications more easily and enable improved communication between consultants, staff and patients.

We’ve been working with primary and secondary healthcare, and private healthcare organisations for over 20 years as a trusted IT managed services provider. We’re the second largest Consumer Network Service Provider (CN-SP) for the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) and host critical national infrastructure. Following a recent acquisition, we’re excited to bring the Carelink brand under the Redcentric umbrella, enabling us to deliver additional leading-edge services to healthcare organisations.

Our unrivalled experience of the health and social care environment and our on-going engagement with both NHS Digital and a broad spectrum of healthcare end users translates into a HSCN CN-SP that can be trusted to help you digitally transform with confidence.

Redcentric made clear to us, network migration is one of its core competencies, it’s what they do; add in its long-standing relationship with NHS Digital, the deep engagement with the whole HSCN programme and extensive sector knowledge, and we felt much more confident about the transition. The quality of service delivery showed that confidence was not misplaced and we can now leverage HSCN to the full.

Deliver an improved experience for staff and patients

Here are some of the technologies which can help you and your staff to collaborate and improve patient access to integrated healthcare services wherever that may be.

HSCN connectivity

Connect both your IT infrastructure and people securely onto the HSCN network. Reduce the cost, time and knowledge burden required within your own organisation and be led through the entire HSCN on-boarding process by experts in the field, our dedicated HSCN Governance team.

Feel supported by a team that will manage the entire project, providing support and guidance throughout to ensure you meet your connectivity and security obligations. Risk and complexity will be removed with solution design in place and business gaps mitigated ensuring your organisation’s compliance, allowing you to focus on your own priorities.
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Secure remote access to HSCN

Make informed decisions immediately and gain access to critical patient data on the move. Give your clinical staff secure access to HSCN network services such as medical records, Electronic Prescriptions Service (EPS) and other clinical information regardless of their location.

We secure your connection to valuable HSCN resources by using two-factor authentication to validate each user and creating an encrypted tunnel to protect traffic in transit. Access HSCN remotely using either hardware, software or smart device tokens.
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Hosted Voice

Support your organisational agility, remote working and aid improved communication between staff and patients. IP Telephony delivers greater flexibility, enterprise features and assured quality of service, so your users can stay connected anywhere on any device. Gain greater insight into your patient call data and align resources correctly enhancing the patient experience and call handling efficiency.
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Unified Communications

Transform the way you communicate with your staff and patients. Unified communications brings together the ability to connect and chat through instant messaging, hold video appointments and host web-based conferences/meetings whether in the surgery, on call or at home.
Support flexibility, agility and teamworking and improve access and convenience for patients through unified communications allowing clinicians to be more productive.
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CallConnect GP

Improve your patient experience and create time-saving efficiencies for your staff. CallConnect GP integrates your clinical systems such as SystmOne, EMIS Health and Vision3 with Redcentric’s hosted IP telephony service to speed up inbound and outbound call handling processes.

CallConnect GP saves time by matching a patient’s telephone number to their clinical record or multiple records within the same household. It speeds up outbound calling tasks using click to dial while automatic capture of new numbers means patient data can be kept accurate and up to date. By highlighting important tasks to do on a call, staff can be more productive and boost practice revenue.
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Discover the powerful capabilities of Redcentric’s healthcare telephony solutions, watch our video:

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Our partnership with Redcentric has been pivotal to transforming our whole approach, with class leading technology and best practice guidance helping us to set a new standard in efficient call handling, increasing both patient satisfaction and staff morale.


Connect your digital devices and systems to provide a cohesive experience for patients and staff. A reliable, high-performance WAN network enables the delivery of secure digital healthcare services that leverage high-bandwidth consuming services such as video conferencing and telehealth.
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Public cloud connectivity

Tap into the hyperscale resources within public cloud to accelerate modernisation and innovation while securing savings and efficiencies. Have more time to focus on ‘front end’ work for patient care, accelerate transformation and minimise risk during a time of acute care digital change.

Connect to Azure environments privately via Microsoft ExpressRoute and migrate in confidence with a fully managed service wrap for your Azure deployments, from initial design through to 24/7 support.
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Professional services

Make the most of your IT investments and feel supported with trusted expertise from design, consultancy through to on-premises deployments. We have over 20 years’ experience working with healthcare organisations with their LAN networks, wireless deployments, unified communications and security. And as a Cisco Gold Partner within their public sector partner programmes, we can offer you preferential pricing and tap into Cisco expertise.
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Redcentric is giving us a hugely flexible and functional IaaS platform which we can use as a springboard to optimise both IT delivery and care provision. Healthcare professionals can waste a lot of time logging in to different systems and loading different applications; through the use of single sign-on and persistent connections, we can remove this frustration and free that time for our colleagues to spend focusing on patient care.

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