Delivering highly available solutions that organisations can rely on to improve productivity and performance.

Availability you can rely on

Employees and customers depend on the availability and security of your operational systems. Assured availability supports productivity and enables you to deliver on the promises made to your customers.

As organisations automate processes, embrace mobility and deliver innovative applications, service availability is key. You need to have in place an IT infrastructure that you can trust, that is both resilient and secure.

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Redcentric delivers solid services consistently and professionally and they free us up for the added-value work without any of those firefighting distractions. They have been proactive and set themselves up to meet the needs of our October Period 11, guaranteeing continuous performance in critical trading periods.


The cost of downtime for any organisation can be severe but ultimately, it’s your customers who cannot deliver their outcomes.

Be supported by resilient solutions with a range of services to enable a selection of uptime or availability requirements, tailored to your budget or governance requirements. Decrease your reliance on physical connectivity with cellular technology and enable your organisation to work faster, removing long installation or mobilisation times whilst integrating the security and protection your customers expect.

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The cloud enables anywhere and anytime access to services, applications and data. To build systems with this kind of reliability and availability has historically incurred large costs for organisations. With the advent of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technologies, the costs of attaining high availability have decreased dramatically.

Design resilient applications across local and geographically separated infrastructure to accommodate a range of access, data and resource related issues.

Automatically scale resources when required to accommodate seasonal or unforeseen demand keeping your service available but within a defined and budgeted spend.

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Secure yourself at the edge, on-premise and on your devices allowing you to protect corporate IP and data value, as well as the availability of your systems.

Ensuring that your organisation is secure goes beyond core local infrastructure. Quickly identify breaches, isolate and remediate threats across your network, applications and data with minimal disruption to business-as-usual.

As attack vectors continue to evolve, apply automated intelligence against a range of endpoints to prevent future breaches whilst maintaining a supportable and compliant estate updated to be resilient to virus, malware and phishing exploits.

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Disaster recovery

Regardless of industry or sector, when an unforeseen event takes place and brings day-to-day operations to a halt, your organisation needs to recover as quickly as possible to continue to provide services to your clients whilst minimising revenue loss and reputational damage.

Tailor your recovery plan against a range of availability outcomes determined by understanding the cost of downtime to your organisation and your customers or to meet legislative or governed requirements.

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A secure & resilient environment

“Redcentric’s solutions have brought integrated network, communication and disaster recovery strategies to Howdens. This has delivered big benefits to us in terms of resilience and security.”

Take a look at how we deliver assured availability to Howdens.

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