We help you plan and survive for business disruption for the event of an incident.

Business continuity consultancy

Threats to business continuity come in every size and shape, from natural disasters to cyber attacks, pandemics to power outages. It’s a risk landscape that demands the highest levels of resilience and recovery capability, with a holistic approach that embraces strategy and leadership, business operations and IT services.

Redcentric’s business continuity consulting maps to that 360° view. It blends crisis management at the C suite level; business continuity at the business operations and department level; and IT service continuity and disaster recovery at the technical level. The result is the deep strategic awareness, careful preparation and detailed planning that enables a confident, measured and agile response to any incident to mitigate financial and reputational damage.

Covid has highlighted how important our cloud strategy is because it has meant we have been able to ensure all our IT services have remained operational.

The value we offer with our business continuity consultancy

Our consultancy work engages you across your leadership and board teams, so you can feel supported with a robust plan should the worst happen providing you with:

Better business risk awareness

Better business risk awareness

Through an assessment we evaluate and identify the strategic, operational and IT risks, threats and vulnerabilities that could affect your organisation so you can better match your risk exposure to your risk appetite.

Increased business resilience

Increased business resilience

With 80% of organisations closing within one month of an incident, our focus is on both prevention and recovery.

Improved recovery times

Improved recovery times

Should the worst happen, our aim is to have done the preparatory work to help you understand your critical recovery objectives and how you achieve them.

Meet regulatory demands

Meet regulatory demands

Through comprehensive planning you can more readily demonstrate compliance against a wide range of legal requirements, standards and insurance requirements.


Embedded across your organisation

We engage with every level of the organisation to ensure business continuity is planned holistically and understood in all dimensions.

Enhanced agility

Enhanced agility

The greater your preparedness and confidence in your ability to operate within in any threat landscape, the greater the comfort and assuredness in pushing on with expansion, investment and innovation.

Capabilities of our business continuity consultancy services

Our experts can help you to plan for disaster, providing support in:

  • Crisis Leadership and Management Coaching
  • Supply Chain Resilience
  • Cyber Resilience & Awareness
  • Crisis Communications
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Disaster Recovery
  • Exercising & Wargaming
  • Business Continuity Maintenance Programme

Why choose Redcentric for business continuity planning

Redcentric offers a compelling single source supply proposition with a wealth of consulting expertise and IT service capability in the one place. Led by a highly professionally qualified group of strategists, advisors and coaches, we provide a top-to-bottom, end-to-end business continuity solution, from C suite engagement right through to end point protection.

With increasingly complex hybrid IT estates and a multi-dimensional risk landscape, our aim is to ensure organisations are continuity-drilled and action-ready whatever the scale of the challenge – and that the plan will deliver for you at your time of need.

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