We provide a secure, reliable and cost-effective backup service of your data so you can restore quickly and with peace of mind.

Data backup service

Protect all of your data assets by building an optimal first line of defence that significantly improves your cyber resilience posture. Choose from a broad portfolio of backup and data protection options to cover all bases across increasingly hybrid and disparate environments. Be confident you can stay within both your recovery timeframes and your desired budget.

As an experienced managed service provider, we have facilitated millions of backups and recoveries, and created a huge pool of domain expertise that you can trust. We help you understand the best fit for your requirements, drawing on a wide range of fully managed, co-managed, self-managed and as-a-service options. From disaster recovery to regulatory retention, Redcentric can help.

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We were looking for a like for like service, but got a lot more for less: fully managed IaaS with Disaster Recovery, cloud backup and support we can rely on. Migration to Redcentric’s IaaS platform was completed in just 4 weeks. The team were absolutely amazing!

Providing protection for your workloads:

SQL databases
Mobile devices
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Hyper-V
Public cloud
Scale Computing

The advantage of backing up your data with Redcentric

Our backup portfolio recognises that ‘one size does not fit all’ and comes with a number of key benefits:

Simplified control data backup

Strong alignment with operational and financial needs

Get the data protection you and your customers need  at the price point you want, through our unique optimal blending of services.


data backup protection

Peace of mind

Relax knowing that you have the right protections in place for your data, however widely distributed.

Flexible single source supply

Flexible single source supply

Simplify the process of having iron-clad protection and security that flexes to your changing requirements.


Greater cost-efficiency

Leverage a broad service portfolio, including fully managed and as-a-service options, to drive down operational overheads and utilise resources more appropriately.

Enhanced compliance

Enhanced compliance

Strengthen your ability to meet diverse regulatory requirements, from data retention mandates to business continuity imperatives.

Reduced risk

Reduced risk

Put in place a highly reliable and trusted data protection process that not only ensures that you are fully compliant but allows you to restore data when the need arises, with advanced continuous data protection capabilities, that minimises business interruption.

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Choose the right data protection solution to meet your needs

Redcentric has developed a portfolio of agile, assured and available enterprise data protection solutions. Working with our customers, we map how best to secure all your vital, critical and important data assets from the core to the edge. Options include:

  • Classic off-site back up over the wire for on-prem equipment
  • Continuous cloud backup of private cloud workloads
  • Fully managed backup of co-located workloads
  • As-a-service option for those who want to simplify their own orchestration of the backup process
  • A ‘mix and match’ of the above to get the best fit in terms of protection and cost

What is cloud managed backup?

A cloud managed backup service enables an organisation to backup and store their data, systems and applications remotely. By using a cloud managed backup solution, expert teams can support you with monitoring, restarts, restorations and failure tracking and triage, freeing up your internal IT teams’ time.

Capabilities of cloud data backup

Our backup as a service provides you with a wide range of features, including:

  • Policy driven process
  • Aligned to your RPO and RTO
  • Scalable storage options
  • Continuous data protection
  • Unified dashboards for both backup and security
  • Anywhere to anywhere protection.
  • Track workloads with data classification to meet compliance
  • Consumption based billing
  • Backup from multiple sources
  • Actively protected historic backups

Why Redcentric backup as a service

We have over 15 years’ experience delivering backup services for our customers regardless of their workload locations. Our domain expertise has increased in line with changing technologies and we use that knowledge and experience to strike exactly the right balance between resilience and recovery objectives on the one hand, and available resource and budget on the other.

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