IaaS, put simply, is data centre capacity on demand. Whether your organisation wants short term capacity for specific projects, or wants to remove the cost and burden of managing server infrastructure, IaaS allows you to turn on the tap to extra capacity fast.

Because IaaS from Redcentric can be scaled quickly to your specific requirements you'll have no delays in adding extra capacity - nor will you pay for servers to sit idle in someone's data centre.The IaaS service allows you to create virtual resources at the click of a button within our secure, resilient Cloud hosting infrastructure. No more inflexible, energy-hungry, high maintenance and expensive on-premise hardware. You get the servers and the storage you need, when you need it, available on-demand.

Key benefits

  • IaaS can replace your existing infrastructure or be used to supplement it
  • The service can be rapidly deployed in comparison to the time it would take to bring your own infrastructure online
  • No CAPEX required for deployment
  • Predictable OPEX protects you from increasing energy costs, and the need for hardware repairs and maintenance
  • Your organisation's green credentials will be improved and aid your compliance with environmental legislation such as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme
  • Enterprise-level benefits, such as redundancy across several data centres, for any budget
  • Reducing the work load of your organisation's IT team, Redcentric provides 24/7 UK-based monitoring and support

You control your virtual resources

Redcentric's IaaS solution provides you with complete control over every aspect of your virtual data centre, via a simple to use self-provisioning portal you can:

  • Alter settings such as performance, type of storage and capacity, through configuration of existing virtual servers
  • Provision more servers during peak load, and remove them again when load returns to normal
  • Test upgrades or new software with addition of more virtual servers
  • Test restores or disaster recovery plan through addition of more servers
  • Arrange stand-by servers to prepare for all eventualities

IaaS service options

We support our IaaS with a full range of added value service offerings to help you make the most of your virtual servers

Why use Redcentric for IaaS?

The key benefits of Redcentric's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution

IaaS - key features

The key features of Redcentric's IaaS