Stuart Pooley
Service Management Director

At Redcentric, our goal is simple: to take a proactive approach, measure, and collaborate with customers to continually enhance and improve service provision. Our SDMs (Service Delivery Managers) play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

SDMs are responsible for managing service reviews with customers.

These professionals are accountable for delivering on our customer service agreements. They provide overarching service governance, ensuring that our services align with customer needs.

Regular service reviews are pivotal. These reviews assess service performance, identify areas for improvement, and strengthen our operational relationships with customers. They also ensure contractual compliance, identify current and future business needs, and keep our customers informed of developments within the Redcentric business.

The service review report serves as a common tool for both customers and Redcentric. It facilitates continuous evaluation of service delivery, allowing us to make informed decisions. Additionally, the Continual Service Improvement Plan (CSIP) enables tracking and prioritisation of initiatives aimed at improving and aligning service delivery with current customer business requirements. The CSIP supports service flexibility and aims to enhance overall customer satisfaction.

In summary, Redcentric’s focus on service reviews, proactive SDMs, and the CSIP underpins our commitment to excellence.




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