Why Redcentric?

Redcentric is a leading UK service provider that delivers innovative technology to improve business productivity, operations and efficiency.

Redcentric's differentiator

What we do

Applications. Redcentric provides application management services ranging from x86 through to the mainframe and from legacy to current architecture.

Collaboration. Redcentric enable organisations to communicate more effectively through the use of IP telephony, messaging and video conferencing.

Infrastructure. As a leading Cloud services provider, Redcentric offers infrastructure and services on demand. This allows our customers to reduce their OPEX, improve resiliency and improve agility.

Networks. Redcentric has its own core MPLS network, metro networks in Cambridge and Portsmouth and considerable experience in delivering networks for leading organisations.

Security. Redcentric offers a range of security services to protect your business from threats such as deliberate DDoS attacks or unintentional security threats from unauthorised devices for example.

Mobile. Redcentric offer a full range of managed mobile services - providing our customers with the flexibility, reliability and security required to operate a mobile workforce.

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