How our VMware Cloud Verification supports customer availability

In our increasingly on-demand, always-on world availability is everything: from the availability of your staff for your customers to the availability of the systems that power your business. Your ability to access systems, applications and data at all times gives your customers confidence that you can be relied upon to provide them with the service they expect, preventing any potential revenue losses.

In the early days of cloud, the reliability of platforms was heavily scrutinised; organisations were hesitant to give up the visibility and control of their on-premise infrastructure, even though in most cases the deployments did not match the requirements. Now cloud is synonymous with high availability and trusted by organisations for their critical data and applications, providing greater agility through secure anywhere and anytime access to systems.

As a managed service provider when we partner with leading vendors, we are always looking for synergies that support our core pillars, the pillars upon which we base our promises to clients. Availability is one of those pillars and VMWare affords us such synergy and strength in relation to availability that it’s really no surprise to find our private IaaS platform built on class-leading VMware infrastructure. VMware is a Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software leader in Gartner’s magic quadrant, and by building our IaaS platform with VMware our customers are enjoying the freedom and flexibility to run their apps where they want, in the cloud or in their data centre. Customers can take extra confidence too in our credentials: we are one of just  14 Cloud Verified VMware providers in the UK, so very much in the vanguard of service quality and technical excellence.


What is VMware Cloud Verified?

Cloud Verified is an accreditation from VMware that shows the capabilities delivered as a service by VMware Cloud Provider Partners. There are three tiers of accreditation; partner, advanced and principal, the latter being the one that Redcentric achieved. It’s a valuable and reassuring proof point that we are fully able to help you get the most out of your cloud investment.


Benefits of working with a VMware Cloud Verified partner

In this day and age, availability isn’t some nice to have. It’s an absolute must, in fact it’s something that should just ‘be’, the complete norm, to be as natural as flicking the switch and the light coming on. That standard, that mindset completely influences everything we do, and the technology choices we make – it’s why we work so closely with VMWare. And the even better news is that synergy we were talking about? It unlocks even more benefits, including:

  • Greater control of cloud resources
  • Increased agility through fast, flexible and automated private cloud capabilities
  • Increased cost efficiencies through infrastructure and management integrations
  • Stronger compliance with security and governance requirements
  • Increased application performance by enabling a PaaS environment and services
  • Improved time to market by delivering your applications easily and securely


A final word on availability. Our accreditation is your assurance that your infrastructure is built on leading edge virtual machines, designed for maximum uptime and managed by a verified partner. We’re normalising that availability gold standard for our customers – and safeguarding your reputation and commitments to yours.

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