What are managed infrastructure solutions?

IT infrastructure might seem like boring, background work which isn’t too important, but it’s actually the lifeblood of your business that keeps your business online and your people and customers connected.

This is why managed infrastructure solutions and services are important to the future of your business, and will be essential support to help your business grow and adapt.

What are managed infrastructure services?

Managed infrastructure services are when you outsource some or all of the infrastructure that supports your IT. These are solutions like colocation and cloud, which takes responsibility away from your engineers, and supporting services like network connectivity and cyber security.

Instead of operating your own in-house server room, you can host your IT in your managed infrastructure provider’s facility, which will be specially designed to host IT equipment, with infrastructure like:

  • Resilient power feeds with backup generator
  • Ultra-fast and geographically diverse network connections
  • Efficient and eco-friendly cooling systems

Why should you use managed infrastructure solutions?

Having a third-party take over the responsibility of your IT infrastructure comes with many benefits which will support your business into the future, including:

1. Free up space

Moving servers out of the office will mean you no longer need to find space to store your servers. This will let you put in extra desks, delaying when you need to move to a bigger office. Or, if you’re looking to move, you can find a smaller office and save significantly on rent.

2. Increase resiliency

The data centre your managed infrastructure provider will be hosting your IT in will be equipped with resilient and redundant equipment to significantly reduce the chances of downtime caused by a power or network issue. Additionally, there will be 24/6/265 on-site engineers to monitor your system and quickly solve any problems.

3. Free up your IT team

Without having to handle the day-to-day maintenance of IT infrastructure, you IT team will be free to focus on other business critical tasks. They’ll have more time for forward planning, keeping your business ahead of the technology curve and competitive on an ever-changing market.

Working with a data centre for your managed infrastructure needs

A data centre operator will be equipped with the specialist equipment and infrastructure to host your IT and provide all of the benefits of managed infrastructure solutions. But you need to make sure you’re working with a dependable infrastructure provider. Find out if they provide any SLAs around uptime, and how their energy efficiency impacts their eco-friendliness.

If you’re interested in working with an award winning managed infrastructure provider, check out Redcentric’s service or get in touch to talk to one of our experts about how we can upgrade your IT.

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