What you need to know about the VMware to Broadcom transition timeline

Staying informed about upcoming deadlines and transitions in the tech landscape is crucial for your business to proactively plan for the future. We want to help you to avoid feeling rushed or pressured when software license contracts are nearing their end. By staying ahead of the curve, you can ensure software compliance, maintain robust patching and security practices, and uphold the seamless operation of systems for both your staff and your customers.


As the transition from VMware to Broadcom looms, it’s imperative for organisations to understand the timeline and take the necessary actions promptly. This transition marks a significant shift in portfolio strategy, with VMware moving away from perpetual-licensed offerings to subscription and term-based SaaS models. Furthermore, the termination of programs like the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) adds urgency for businesses to act swiftly.


Outlined below are key milestones in the VMware to Broadcom transition timeline, highlighting critical dates and actions for businesses to consider as they navigate this period of change. By staying informed and taking proactive steps now, you can ensure a smooth transition, maintain compliance, and safeguard the security and functionality of your systems.


1. Act Now: Non-Pinnacle partners and ELA customers


For non-Pinnacle Partners, the transition to the new Broadcom Partner Advantage Program is imperative. This transition presents an opportunity to align with Broadcom’s strategic vision and unlock new avenues for growth and collaboration. Additionally, customers with expiring Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs) must transition to the subscription model, embracing the future of software consumption.


2. 31st March 2024: Last rental period for VCPP usage


The clock is ticking for VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) users. With the last rental period for usage ending on 31st March 2024, partners and customers must ensure they have finalised their usage and made necessary arrangements to avoid disruptions in service.


3. 1st April 2024: Transition to subscription model


Effective from the 1st April 2024, VMware subscriptions will move from metered RAM to CPU core. This transition marks a fundamental shift in how VMware’s offerings are priced and consumed, reflecting the industry’s move towards simplified and predictable subscription models.


4. 15th April 2024: Closure of bookings


Bookings closure on 15th April 2024 signifies the final opportunity for partners and customers to make adjustments to their subscriptions and usage before the program termination.


5. 30th April 2024: Programme termination


The culmination of this transition journey arrives on the 30th of April 2024, with the termination of the VMware program. This milestone underscores the urgency for stakeholders to complete their transitions and embrace the new era under Broadcom.


By understanding and acting upon these key milestones, we help you to ensure a seamless transition to the new Broadcom landscape, maintain compliance with software licensing agreements, and uphold the security and functionality of your systems for your staff and customers.


To learn more about how your organisation can navigate the VMware to Broadcom transition and ensure a smooth transition, contact us. As a UK Broadcom Pinnacle Partner, we can help you with expert advice and assistance.

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