COVID-19 statement

20th May 2020


Redcentric is closely monitoring the situation with regards to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes close attention to the latest guidance from the WHO as well as from government authorities.

We continue to have our business continuity plan invoked and have revised our working arrangements, we will follow this until we see any significant changes in the current situation.

Our top priority is the welfare of our employees, as well as maintaining a high level of service and stability for our customers.

The measures we continue to take:


Our People – UK and India

    • In line with our tested plans, all employees able to work from home immediately, are doing so – this includes both our UK and India operations. As well as this being business as usual activity, this has also been load tested to ensure technical capability.
    • Calls in to our service management centre can be answered both in and outside of the UK, our UK staff also have access to DR packs containing mobile phones to allow call handling remotely.
    • We will continue to closely monitor the situation with regards to our employees working arrangements to ensure their ongoing safety.
    • Maintaining regular communication to employees reiterating public health guidance.
    • Additional hygiene measures in offices, for example, hand sanitiser, wipes and as a precautionary measure, deep cleaning activities across all sites.
    • A ban on all international travel and restrictions on all non-essential UK travel.
    • Any large internal and external events have been cancelled.
    • Following PHE guidance on self-isolation for any employees returning from high-risk places and have a cough, high temperature or shortness of breath, even if symptoms are mild.
    • In advance of our employees returning to work, please see the attached COVID-19 Risk Assessment which has been put together in accordance with government advice.


External Visitors

  • With immediate effect, any non-essential supplier visits to our sites have been stopped.
  • From Wednesday 25th March, any customer visits to our data centres will be actioned as below:
    • All customer automatic access passes will be temporarily suspended.
    • Any customer requiring access into a Redcentric Data Centre will need to raise an access request with our Support team detailing reasoning for an onsite visit.
    • Where possible, Redcentric shall offer Hands and Eyes assistance to alleviate the need for an onsite visit.


Our Services

  • As an ISO22301 Business Continuity certified company, Redcentric operates effective business continuity management to restore and deliver key services in the event of a critical incident, including lack of site access through localised virus outbreak right up to a pandemic.
  • Being a key supplier of your products and/or services, we are monitoring the progress of the virus and the news being released from the CMO Chief Medical Officer, ensuring communications are sent to all of our client base and the Redcentric Business Continuity Planning Team.


Our Suppliers

  • Redcentric’s supplier management process ensures that risk assessments have already been carried out with regards to our supply chain arrangements and their resilience.   We also maintain a diverse range of suppliers and ensure healthy stock levels of physical equipment, without reliance on any single geographical supply.
  • From Wednesday 1st April, BT Openreach have further amended their field engineering policy to reflect government guidance:
    • For circuit provisioning
      • BT Openreach engineering will attempt to provide the service by working external to the premises.
      • If unable to provide externally, the engineer will attend if the customer is a Critical Network Infrastructure (CNI), Welfare or deemed a COVID-19 ‘at risk’ customer, once risk assessment is completed and satisfied.
      • If these categories are not applicable to the end customer, the engineering appointment will be scheduled for a later date – currently June 2020 onwards.
    • For circuit repairs:
      • BT Openreach engineering will attempt to repair the service by working in the network, external to the end customer premises.
      • If unable to fix the fault externally AND the circuit is experiencing a Total Loss of Service (TLOS), the engineer will attend if the customer if the customer is a Critical Network Infrastructure (CHI), Welfare or deemed a COVID-19 ‘at risk’ customer, once risk assessment is completed and satisfied.
      • If these categories are not applicable to the end customer and / or the fault is not TLOS, the engineer will not attend the premises and the Redcentric ticket placed on hold.
  • The table below shows how BT Openreach have defined these three categories:


 Category Definition
 Critical Network Infrastructure
  • NHS
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Utility providers
  • Emergency Services
  • Retail and Wholesale food distribution outlets
  • Financial services
  • Any other as defined on


  • A welfare defined current connection.
  • The end customer has NO working telephony and / or Broadband service.
  • The end customer does not have access to a mobile phone.
 COVID-19 ‘at risk’
  • The customer meets the Public Health England criteria for ‘Covid Extremely Vulnerable’
  • The end customer has NO working telephony and / or Broadband service.
  • The end customer does not have access to a mobile phone.


Our customers

  • In light of the new guidelines issued by the Government, Redcentric have reviewed the proactive alerting process to consider customer sites where closure has taken place. For a minimum period of three weeks, commencing Tuesday 24th March, any site confirmed as closed due to Covid-19 restrictions will be actioned as below:
    • Line testing, remote diagnostics and remote reloads where possible will continue to be actioned by the Redcentric Support teams in an effort to restore service.
    • If a circuit remains down or with issue, and site closure has been confirmed, this will now be placed on hold and triage will resume upon re-open.
  • Please could customers who intend to fully power down their sites, or have done so already, please make the Redcentric Support team aware so we can process all alerts accordingly.


  • These plans, plus any other pertinent information regarding changes to the situation will be updated on a regular basis.


Should you have any questions please contact your account managers and service delivery managers directly.

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