Black Pear Software design and deliver eHealth interoperability and integration toolkits and clinical workflow applications to provide real-time access to accurate patient information, outcomes, service availability and transfer of care.


Increased time for application development


Accelerated delivery timescales


Optimised performance and cost savings

The requirement

A network provider that could facilitate Black Pear’s interoperable clinical application solution integration with the Spine that joins together over 23,000 healthcare IT systems in 20,500 organisations, and enables secure and compliant Black Pear SaaS delivery via HSCN to NHS Consumers.

Kudos to Redcentric for being the only provider to have already recognised the need for HSCN connectivity to AWS when we came calling, and to make possible what was a key strategic and operational advance for Black Pear.

Benefits included

Black Pear wanted to extend its use of AWS to include production systems and SaaS delivery to be able to:

  • Devote more effort to application development than infrastructure management
  • Leverage AWS’s hyperscale resources and capabilities to accelerate delivery, underpin agility and bolster security
  • Achieve significant economies while optimising performance and output.

“Praise too for their very professional, straightforward approach, from the clarity and precision of the costings to the on-time, to-plan deployment via AWS Direct Connect.”

Dunmail Hodkinson, CTO at Black Pear
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