DXS provide digital health solutions for 2000 GP surgeries in the primary care sector who deliver healthcare services to around 17 million patients. Their solutions are designed to improve patient health outcomes, reduce treatment costs, and save lives.


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Resilient infrastructure with Disaster Recovery

The main clinical support system ‘Best Pathway’ provides doctors with a digital tool which supports clinicians when referring patients to hospital services. The system provides access to clinical pathways, referral pathways and SMART referral forms. Integration with the key clinical systems, EMIS, SystmOne and Vision allows data from a patients’ clinical record to auto-populate within the Best Pathway solution, saving keying-in time, ensuring all required data has been accurately captured and speeding up the referral process.

SMART referral forms and workflows improve efficiency and ensure that data is complete including previous test outcomes so avoiding repeat tests for the patient and removing additional cost. Data is validated within the system so that only patients suitable for each individual referral service are put forward. This reduces the number of referrals to hospital which are rejected and removes delays to patient care.

One CCG reported, ‘Our SMART referral forms have reduced the rejected referral rate across all conditions from 27% down to 4%’.

Steven Bauer, COO explained,

“Our solution supports critical referral services to hospitals and it’s necessary to process patient details and provide the correct information to clinicians, so uptime and reliability is very important. It is used throughout the day and our GP customers depend on it.”

Before the migration we had to manage and maintain our services. We’d spend hours at weekends extending drives, patching operating systems, restarting servers, and ensuring everything was safely back online. A large proportion of that workload has now been removed with the managed service Redcentric provide.


DXS had been looking for a new hosting provider for their infrastructure and had prepared a migration plan and scoped a 12-week project to achieve this. They approached 3 providers to compare services and Redcentric was chosen.

As the situation with their current provider escalated and became critical, it was apparent that they urgently needed to begin their migration, and to a much shorter timescale.

Maintaining uptime and achieving a seamless migration was of critical importance to ensure that GP surgeries did not experience any downtime.


The Redcentric team proposed and designed a hosted solution to replace current capabilities and to provide a managed service which would enhance performance, reduce complexity and release time for the IT team at DXS.

  • Virtual servers for the Best Pathway back-end infrastructure with supporting services hosted at the Reading data centre
  • Disaster recovery capability by site-to-site replication to the Harrogate data centre
  • Encrypted cloud backup solution
  • Managed firewalls
  • Secure connection to HSCN
  • Managed service to support patching, service performance monitoring and upgrades for their environment
What we were looking for was like for like, we wanted to switch over to a predictable plug and play service. But what Redcentric provided was much more for less.

Migration was completed in stages to ensure customers could continue to connect to the service, relying on local IT service teams to facilitate connections. As customers could connect, they were switched over out of hours to ensure service continuity during the daytime.

For each Best Pathway customer, network rules and firewall rules were checked by the DXS team. When an issue was identified the Redcentric team worked with DXS to quickly resolve or identify the root cause.

Communication with the Redcentric team was fluid and spot on every time. It was very accurate.

Business benefits

  • Enhanced service: ‘We’re getting fully managed IaaS with Disaster Recovery, cloud backup and support we can rely on. It’s a premium managed service which reduces our infrastructure overhead. ‘
  • Smooth migration: ‘Migration to the IaaS platform was completed in just 4 weeks. The team were absolutely amazing.’
  • Expert migration support: ‘The work that was done to support migration of our entire IT infrastructure was faultless. It was to the point and error free. For the migration we didn’t have time to start trouble-shooting errors in a new environment. There were zero errors, so that was fantastic.’
  • 24/7 monitoring: ‘We feel confident now that Redcentric are also monitoring service performance whether that’s during the week, after office hours or at the weekend. We know we are in safe hands and that the service is being monitored 24/7/365.’
  • Ongoing managed service: ‘Before the migration we had to manage and maintain our services. We’d spend hours at weekends extending drives, patching operating systems, restarting servers, and ensuring everything was safely back online. A large proportion of that workload has now been removed with the managed service Redcentric provide. ‘
  • Service assurance: ‘There are several levels of SLAs which we provide to support different levels of criticality of service. A reliable service is essential to meet our SLAs.’
  • Broad expertise: ‘There’s a really positive aspect to our migration in that our move to Redcentric now supports our future plans to release a new service being developed which will rely on a completely different technology backend. We now have a partner who we can turn to who can support us with this.’
  • Comprehensive service portfolio: ‘We were really surprised at the range of services Redcentric can offer. We know that, when you want to implement a new service in your business you need to know the capabilities of the partner you’re working with, because it’s so much easier if you can work with someone you already have a good relationship with.’
Since the start of our engagement with Redcentric, they have brought professionalism, a willingness to work with us and their expertise. The first couple of meetings with Redcentric blew my socks off. They were amazing!


Steven Bauer, commented, ‘We’ve had a really positive experience working with Redcentric. They’ve been very supportive, and it’s been a real exemplar of how you can work together to get things done, when you really have to, within very short timescales.’

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