HCRG Care Group are one of the UK’s leading providers of front-line NHS and social care services. Partnering with the NHS and local authorities since 2006, they provide high quality care for more than a million people each year by delivering innovative and high quality services for children and adults in the community including social care, community services, GP practices, walk-in centres and pathway services like MSK.


Supported transformation of front-line patient services


Gave clinicians a desktop that worked for them

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Delivered a flexible platform with the ability to scale quickly


HCRG Care Group wanted to increase the pace at which they could transform front-line services. This large-scale contract required extensive and rapid IT provisioning for a smooth and measured transition. They wanted a fully managed solution with supported delivery and a platform which would provide the ability to scale quickly.

Parker Moss, Chief Technology Officer said, “This is an example of HCRG Care Group investing in technology to increase the pace at which we can transform front line services”

In choosing a technology partner, there were three key criteria:

  • A partner who could provide services to deliver their transformational agenda
  • Provision of a full breadth of managed services which they could call upon
  • Supported delivery for a flexible, functional platform which could springboard optimisation of both IT delivery and care provision

“It gives us the perfect opportunity to reengineer the front-end experience, to give clinicians and healthcare staff a desktop that actually works for them and their patients.”

Redcentric is giving us a hugely flexible and functional platform which we can use as a springboard to optimise both IT delivery and care provision.

How Redcentric helped

HCRG Care Group knew that to accelerate transformation of front-line services a large service contract would require extensive and rapid IT provisioning for a smooth and measured transition. Redcentric was chosen for the provision of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for an initial 2000 users worth over £2.5M over five years. This platform was the springboard to optimise IT delivery and care provision.

Business benefits

Parker Moss, Chief Technology Officer said, “Healthcare professionals can waste an awful lot of time logging in and out of different systems and loading different applications; through the use of single sign-on and persistent connections, we can remove this frustration, free up that time for colleagues to spend on patient care, and give all of our colleagues a consistent standardised IT service.

Benefits included:

Time savings: Delivery of a VDI solution which met clinicians and healthcare staff needs
Single point of access to systems and data: Single sign-on eliminated the need to sign in and out of multiple systems and applications
Scalable, flexible, reliable solution: With persistent connections and a consistent, standardised IT service the VDI platform helps optimise IT delivery
Supported service delivery transformation: Delivered time efficiencies allowing staff to focus on patient care

The future

HCRG Care Group is now engaged with Redcentric for delivery of multiple technologies from networking to VDI and telephony.

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