Digitising the NHS and connecting to AWS

In 2016 Redcentric announced that it was offering connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which was a logical move given customer demand for AWS requiring N3 connectivity and cloud services.

We continue to help health & care service providers and clinical application ISVs to leverage the AWS Cloud to deliver their efficiency, improvement, innovation and transformation ambitions. The key factors underpinning Redcentric becoming an AWS partner reflects an ongoing effort & investment to enable continuous customer improvement and progress – one that we hope will be instrumental in supporting and transforming health and care provision in years to come.

The key factors that assure health and care customers of Redcentric’s pedigree in delivering N3 connectivity, also wishing to access AWS services are:

  • Unmatched experience – we are the largest and most experienced NHS Digital-approved N3 Commercial Aggregator, currently providing over 1-in-5 of all N3 connections
  • Technical capability – Redcentric’s N3 access service connecting to AWS UK Region offers a reliable, resilient, secure, high bandwidth connectivity for clinicians and health & care administrators
  • Managed onboarding with continuous governance – our assured lifecycle approach ensures governed implementation and ongoing delivery, with the focus on optimal agility, speed, security, mitigated risk and sustainable cost
  • Continuity roadmap to the new Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) – N3 will soon become end of life, with the imminent arrival of the HSCN. AWS Customers will be migrated to the new network with minimal downtime, and zero additional cost

This last factor has particular weight and relevance now as the sector enters the N3-HSCN transition phase. Our vision for both health & care providers and their clinical application ISVs has always been, and will remain, centred on the achievement of customers’ sought outcomes related to the patient. With our experience, assured solution, continuous governance and pathway to HSCN, we can enable NHS and other health & care organisations to simply focus on improving care quality and the patient experience and ISVs can focus on software solutions to enable those outcomes.

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