HSCN and public cloud connectivity – connecting healthcare to AWS and Azure

Following the Government Digital Service’s effective green light to public sector use of the public cloud, health and care service providers and clinical application ISVs are keen to exploit public cloud platforms, like AWS or Microsoft Azure, to deliver their efficiency, improvement, innovation and transformation outcomes. 


What does public cloud mean for healthcare organisations?

Public cloud enables healthcare organisations with the agility to improve operational efficiencies and productivity as well as benefiting from the savings associated with not purchasing, or having to maintain, hardware and software. Services and data availability can be assured through backup and fast system recovery, with a report stating, “Together these features cut the risk of health information not being available due to local hardware failure,”.


Drive the outcomes you want with public cloud

Public cloud, with its inherent scalability, provides an environment where teams can tap into additional capacity and storage resources meaning they can focus on more value-add opportunities, rather than routine day to day tasks. Ensuring the availability and supporting disaster recovery of patient records is just one way many health organisations are utilising public cloud cost-effectively. Trusts and providers are also spinning environments up to exacting specifications in hours rather than weeks, allowing for them to focus on solving problems and efficiencies for clinicians and patients.


Ensuring your patient data is secure

You and your patients need to feel reassured. A managed on-boarding process transitioning into continuous governance across implementation, on-going delivery and support provides you with an assured, secure HSCN to public cloud solution.

Looking for a partner that provides technical consulting, support and knowledge transfer around public cloud, from the design and deployment of hybrid cloud strategies through to the end-to-end management of the public cloud platform, addresses any potential skills gap that could be a barrier to adoption and realisation of public cloud benefits.


HSCN connectivity for Microsoft Azure

For Azure specifically, Redcentric has engaged with Microsoft to provide fully compliant connectivity between Azure and HSCN, with data residing in Microsoft’s UK South and West Regions. As a leading CSP, we can provide not just the interconnect to the Azure environment (ExpressRoute) but also a fully managed service wrap for Azure deployments, from initial design through to 24/7 support.


Redcentric’s fully assured HSCN connectivity for public cloud enables health and social care organisations as well as ISVs and Systems Integrators to fully leverage the agility, elasticity, innovation, scalability and security inherent in UK region hyper-scale Public Cloud environments.

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