HSCN Secure Remote Access Tokens FAQs

The remote access service that currently runs over N3 comes to an end in August 2020. If you want to ensure your end users can continue to access applications and data securely and seamlessly while on the move, you need to replace it with a service that runs over HSCN and a network that supports the transition over to the internet.

When is N3 closing?

N3 is closing at the end of August 2020.

What does the closure of N3 mean to me as a provider of software services over N3?

All N3 overlay services need to be replaced by the end of August 2020. Existing BT secure remote access tokens will need to be replaced before the N3 network closes at the end of August 2020.

When do my existing remote access tokens expire?

BT are no longer taking orders for tokens from 21st October 2019.

No renewals of the BT service are being provided from 21st October 2019; you will need to find an alternative provider if your contract ends before the close of N3 and consider your HSCN remote access options in advance of Internet First.

What types of secure remote access tokens are there?

Soft and hard tokens.

  1. Hard tokens are the old key fobs with ten digits on, you punch in a 4-6-digit pin and it then produces a code which you enter into your client.
  2. Soft tokens are software based which can be installed on various operating systems.

What platforms can Redcentric software tokens be installed on?

Our token software can be installed on a wide range of operating systems, such as Mac OSX, Apple IOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry.

Can HSCN tokens be purchased as a standalone service?

Yes, Redcentric shared platform tokens can be bought as a standalone service. You do not have to be taking any other service such as circuits in order to purchase tokens from Redcentric.

What can Redcentric offer?

A customer shared platform which is highly scalable and can support thousands of users and is resilient by design. This is very similar to the BT remote access token platform and is suited for remote users who need access to HSCN.

Alternatively we can provide a customer dedicated platform that is available for larger estates who have more complex remote access requirements, such as accessing private information systems that are not accessible over HSCN or restricting what remote users can do such as enforcing organisational security policy to remote users.

What’s the minimum order requirement?

For the Redcentric shared platform and dedicated platform, minimum order is 10 users.

What should I consider when buying tokens?

1. Are tokens a standalone service or dependant on purchase of circuits?
Redcentric HSCN tokens are available to be purchased as a completely standalone service. There is no requirement to purchase any circuits from Redcentric or any other CNSP.
2. Do you require access to just HSCN, or access to private organisational networks in addition to HSCN?
3. What type of tokens do you require? Software based or Hardware tokens.

What if I have requirements and want something tailored to my needs?

Redcentric can provide a dedicated solution which can cater for varying requirements, from access to both private network as well as HSCN, with the optional addition of extending organisational security to mobile devices.

When is it cost-effective to go for a dedicated platform?

Suited to estates of 60 plus users which is the point at which the cost difference between dedicated and shared platforms break even.

The customer dedicated platform is built to customer requirements, ranging from choice of vendor for VPN concentrator using Cisco\Fortinet, level of resilience required, and any supplementary services required such as mobile web filtering\anti-Virus etc.

How can I be certain our secure remote access is secure?

The Redcentric shared platform is built on Cisco and Gemalto technology who are both market leaders in the security sector. In short, we use best of breed technology to deliver our remote access solutions.

How do I administer?

We offer a customer administration portal which is accessible across the public internet, Redcentric create the administrator account and assign to first token from order and then the customer can then administer the remaining themselves.

What reporting is available?

Reporting is based on logon information. It allows you to view token usage so that you can understand which users are using their tokens and which are not. Reporting will tell you, for example when a user logged on and how many times they have logged on for a period of time.

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