As we all start to get ready to work from home as restrictions change, is it time to look at the remote working solutions you have in place? If you’ve spun down working from home capabilities or had temporary systems in place that need to be made more structured to meet remote and flexible working requirements, then now could be the best time to review.

Technology is playing a part in ‘building back better’ and making the transition to a net-zero carbon economy. Hybrid workforces who can work seamlessly together from anywhere have become the norm rather than the exception. So if you’re looking to enable your remote workforce, then Redcentric can help you to overcome your challenges.

How can we help?

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    With Redcentric's support we have defined a blueprint for different types of remote-working scenarios. We have many solutions in the armoury for different situations which gives us greater flexibility and the ability to react much faster going forward.
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    Who are Redcentric?

    We're a trusted IT managed services provider to many private and public sector customers and have been for over two decades.


    What do we provide?

    We provide IT managed services. We partner with best of breed technology suppliers then use our expertise to design solutions that meet your needs. We then manage or co-manage to give you the right level of support and control for you.


    What does this mean for you?

    We work closely with you to help you to decide on the right pathway to achieve your objectives. Then we use our expertise to rapidly put solutions in place so you can focus on what’s important to you.

    The solutions that can support your hybrid organisation:

    Secure Remote Access Solutions (SRAS)

    To ensure your teams can access critical systems securely while working remotely, this highly scalable solution which is quick to deploy, allows your teams to access the network through a secure encrypted tunnel.

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    Great job turning this around same day at these challenging times - our NHS organisation is flat-out with homeworking requests due to Covid-19, and such timely service for Forticlient VPN account creation is truly supporting us in this massive effort - big thanks!

    Cyber Protect

    Protect your corporate systems and data whilst your employees are working remotely. Backup, patch, remote wipe and remote-control devices in and out of the office in real-time.

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    Collaboration and Video-Conferencing

    A hybrid workforce needs a secure business-grade collaboration tool which goes far beyond consumer tools. Support hybrid teams with features like presence, chat, document sharing and secure workspaces alongside high quality reliable video and integrated PSTN calling.

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    Our business has been working remotely throughout the pandemic and continues to provide our clients with the service they need and expect. This additional Cisco technology has enabled our business to provide far reaching support to clients throughout the country delivering much needed assistance and guidance.

    IP Telephony

    Hosted IP telephony can connect teams working from anywhere, on any device and provide a seamless experience for customers. We help your teams to work smarter and adapt to changing environments with flexible, scalable telephony.

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    Quite literally overnight, we got 4000 staff working from home and then diverted every single one of our inbound numbers using the Redcentric platform.

    Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365 allows you to easily store, organise, and share files, so you and your team can work on documents in and out of office. If you have O365 your emails, documents, and productivity tools, offered in the Office 365 package, are accessible from virtually anywhere – allowing you to stay productive even when remote working.

    Virtual desktops

    Maintain and manage desktop images across a vast array of devices, regardless of their location ensuring a consistent end-user experience in and out of the office. Virtualise your desktop environment into the cloud using leading-edge virtual desktop infrastructure such as Azure, AWS, VMware and Citrix, so you can feel assured we can support you on the right environment for your organisation.

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    Within two weeks of having our initial exploratory conversation, we had a scalable Window’s Virtual Desktop environment which was leveraging multi-factor authentication and conditional access.

    Infrastructure as a Service

    To support the introduction of innovative new services or accelerate plans for expansion, we can align flexible scalable cloud infrastructure. You choose the specifics around virtual machines, scale, operating system and environment and we architect the right solution for you.

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    Redcentric has played an important role in helping us to design and develop our infrastructure and have helped us set up our cloud-based services, which provide the foundation for us to be flexible and innovative and support different ways of delivering education for students.


    For centralised security management, intelligence and next gen firewalls look no further than SD-WAN. We give you advanced threat detection across your entire IT estate, then manage or co-manage the solution with you so you are always in control.

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