We are deeply committed to supporting our customers working to continue business as usual while working from home or with very different working practices. We want to do anything we can to help at this difficult time. We’ve already responded to many urgent requests from businesses needing our help with everything from re-routing calls, to setting up video-conferencing and secure access to networks. So if you’re wondering how you can move forward with any current issues or your longer-term business continuity plans, drop us a message.

How can we help?

Who are Redcentric?

We're a trusted IT managed services provider to many private and public sector customers and have been for over two decades.

What do we provide?

We provide IT managed services which means we partner with best of breed technology suppliers, design solutions that meet your needs and manage it for you.

What does this mean for you?

We're here to help you in the current crisis and have the experience to advise and support you to rapidly put solutions in place now and for the future to allow you to concentrate on your current priorities.

Here are some of the capabilities you can tap into to enable your staff who are working from home or with very different working practices:

Secure Remote Access Solutions (SRAS)

To ensure your staff can access critical systems securely while working from home or in the community, we can provide Secure Remote Access tokens. This is a highly scalable solution which is quick to deploy and allows staff to access your network through a secure encrypted tunnel.

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Collaboration and Video-Conferencing

We’ve been working with all sorts of customers to help them with new ways of working which help teams to work together. We’ve been providing collaboration tools including video conferencing or enhancing existing capabilities which deliver the ability to run and control secure online meetings.

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Telephony and Call Centre solutions

Our hosted IP Telephony platform can connect all your staff, across every location giving you much needed functionality such as Call Recording, Hunt groups and Call Routing. This is enabling businesses to manage customer interactions in new ways.

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Mobile IP Telephony

To enable workers to make calls from their mobiles we can extend your existing PBX into your employees’ mobile devices, giving them a familiar tool to keep them connected. We turn their mobile phone into a fully functioning business phone with Unity on a SIM.

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Our business has been working remotely throughout the pandemic and continues to provide our clients with the service they need and expect. This additional Cisco technology has enabled our business to provide far reaching support to clients throughout the country delivering much needed assistance and guidance.

Network and storage capacity

We have been busy ensuring the performance and availability of networks while staff are working from home. To tap into increased bandwidth and meet new infrastructure requirements, let us know how we can help you to meet increased demand.

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Connectivity and security

We provide assured availability through a range of network connectivity services. Our business internet access options mean that we can cater for the needs of individual sites, while our high-speed core MPLS network ensures we deliver the resilience and performance required. SD-WAN can provide the intelligence and centralised security management to deliver the best user experience, while firewall technologies can give you advanced threat detection across your entire IT estate.

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