Make informed decisions immediately: Gain access to critical patient data on the move.

The remote access service that currently runs over N3 comes to an end in August 2020. If you want to ensure your end users can continue to access applications and data securely and seamlessly while on the move, you need to replace it with a service that runs over HSCN and a network that supports the transition over to the internet.

How can we help?

Our N3 Connect Anywhere service has supported more flexible and fluid ways of working for years. It is trusted and proven – and now as a CN-SP we have reworked it for the HSCN era and beyond as our Healthcare Secure Remote Access Service (SRAS). This will enable professionals to carry on working more smartly and more efficiently, facilitating secure information exchange and enhancing patient experience and clinical outcomes.

Accredited to store patient data

Access critical patient data straightaway to make informed decisions

Reduction Back-up Window

Accelerating care delivery through increased access of data

Reduce Unnecessary Travel

Enable agile and flexible working for time-poor, pressured staff

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    What is the service on offer

    Available in a range of formats – hardware, software or smart device tokens – SRAS lets users get to resources such as medical records, X-rays, digital images, and the Electronic Prescriptions Service, wherever they can connect to the internet.

    It utilises Redcentric’s highly robust two-factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of protection. Not only do you have a secure tunnel created for traffic you also have 2FA controlling who gets access to it: it authenticates user connection requests to network devices via the presentation of a one-time use, dynamically generated password.

    SRAS can be deployed on both customer managed and Redcentric managed network devices, and offers a far more secure and scalable alternative to static passwords.

    Driving results across healthcare

    • A doctor attending an accident scene can access critical patient data straightaway to ensure they are making fully informed decisions, leading to appropriate treatment and better outcomes
    • A GP needing to get an expert opinion quickly can ask a clinician to view notes and images while on the move, accelerating care delivery and improving outcomes
    • Clinicians wanting to update or review patient notes can do it easily on the train or at home, making agile and flexible working a positive experience for time-poor, pressured staff

    Benefits of secure remote access

    • Increased security – Highly secure connectivity regardless of location and a far more viable, best practice option than static or rotating passwords
    • More agile working – Clinicians can get what they need when they need it, allowing them to do more at the point of care and accelerate note taking and decision making
    • Ease of deployment – No need for infrastructure install or services
    • Cost efficiency – Low per token, per month charge
    • User friendly – Choice of hardware, software or smart tokens to suit user preference
      Business continuity – Instant location-independent working in the event of a site being unavailable

    Key features

    • IP Sec tunnel encryption
    • Two-factor authentication security
    • Deployed, managed and optimised by Redcentric
    • Choice of hardware, software or smart device tokens
    • Easy to use administration portal
    • 24/7 support
    • Works in conjunction with Redcentric internet feed
    • Allows effortless login from laptops, smartphones and tablets with an internet connection
    • Integrates with other Redcentric services


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