Efficient call handling and data analysis proves crucial in improving citizen experience and satisfaction.

For public sector organisations looking to modernise, improve and still make savings, ip telephony is a clear win-win.

Our cloud-based managed telephony solutions deliver enhanced performance to any size organisation, allowing you to deliver a quicker, smarter, higher quality call experience for less than you are paying now. It offers up to 40% savings on overall phone system costs; it can eliminate the need for dedicated phone lines; calls between sites are included in your tariff; and charges are calculated per user and only for services actually consumed.

It’s an affordable, quick to deploy means to take your telephony to the next level – transforming speed, capacity, usability, resilience and visibility, and creating a platform for the delivery of a more efficient, slicker and satisfying end user calling in experience.

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Driving results in the public sector

The good news is that it’s already driving results across health estates, local authorities, housing associations and government departments:

  • Helping a doctor’s surgery deliver better patient service by being more responsive to call demand around appointments, test results and prescription delivery.
  • Enabling a CCG to roll out collaborative working across its members, surgeries taking calls for one another in peak times, and also supporting innovations such as personalised messaging and video calls.
  • Allowing staff of an NGO to work at different locations and at home and yet enjoy a seamless telephony experience with callers still able to contact them on the same number.
  • Supporting a government body in their complaint resolution work, bringing clarity and certainty by giving access to historical recordings and reporting, and ultimately improving citizen satisfaction.
  • Working with a large primary care trust to leverage insights from call reports, aiding the set-up of a centralised patient contact centre that can still answer as a patient’s local surgery, driving down the incidence of lost calls and caller frustration.
  • Enabling a busy housing association to identify peak call times and resource their contact centre accordingly, improving tenant satisfaction and reducing costly over-manning in quieter periods.

Transformational Telephony Solution – Supporting Smarter Working in GP Surgeries

Efficient call handling and on-going data analysis is proving crucial in helping the Hall Green team deliver a faster, better service in the face of pressure.

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Benefits of Our Hosted VOIP Telephony Service

Pay per User

No upgrade or maintenance charges, only pay for a monthly licence fee.

Scales on demand

Our hosted VoIP solution can quickly scale up or down to meet your business needs.

Improve your business continuity

In the event of a site outage calls can be instantly rerouted.

No maintenance and support bills

No unexpected bills, everything is covered by a monthly fee

No ISDN line rental charges

PSTN connectivity is included within our costs eliminating the cost for ISDN line rental.

Mobile and home-workers integration

Consistent functionality for office, mobile or home based staff.

Online Management portal

Online management portal allows you to add to, move and change your telephony settings.

24/7 Support

Redcentric's UK support desk in manned 24/7/365

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"The Redcentric development team were extremely supportive in helping us create useful reports from the call recording system such as how many patients were hanging up without having their calls answered.” as a result of the information gleaned, the practice group can now reroute calls to a patient contact centre which answers as the appropriate surgery and books patients appointments".

Key Features for Public Sector Organisations:

  • Improved call handling and routing, minimising engaged tones
  • The rapid processing and prioritising of multiple calls, reducing wait time
  • Reduction in travel through usage of web and video conferencing;
  • Compliant call recording and storage;
  • The provision of a desktop-style phone experience to remote/mobile users;
  • A full disaster recovery capability as standard;
  • Rich analytics around end-to-end call handling.


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