Business resilience MOT

We help you to understand how to embed business resilience deep within the culture of your organisation to achieve a state of readiness.


Every day we hear in the news of some unforeseen event which may be a man-made disaster, natural disaster or cyber-attack, whichever it is, it creates havoc for all those involved. With complex supply chains, global organisations and customers, it may not be your disaster but someone elses which impacts you.

To prepare for the unexpected you need business resilience baked into your organisation. We help you to prepare and achieve a permanent state of readiness which goes far beyond a simple DR plan or a review of which technologies you’ve opted for. Our experts help your organisation to understand how you can plan, prepare, be practised and be ready.


Our Business Resilience MOT is an assessment which brings your teams together to prepare and work towards:

Strategic resilience
Helping your executive team to prepare to lead and respond in the event of a disaster.

Operational resilience
Helping your operational teams to identify critical business activities and their technology and process dependencies, to prioritise risk, ensure regulatory compliance, to coordinate a response and understand impacts and interdependencies.
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Technology resilience
Ensuring critical data assets are protected and essential business services can be restored with minimal impact.

What to expect from a business resilience MOT:

  • An objective, expert review of your current programme
  • Identify where your organisation is on its resilience-building journey
  • A practical roadmap of activities derived from many years of experience
  • Learn what capabilities you might deploy to mitigate unacceptable risk

Why get a business resilience MOT?


In the event of a disaster, resilient businesses enjoy better outcomes on three fronts:

  • Lower impact
  • Faster recovery
  • Recovery to a greater extent

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Resilient businesses outperform their industry average by nearly 30% over the long-run.

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Resilient businesses achieve:



They are prepared to withstand the high stresses of disruption, and yet through adaptive innovation bounce forward after the event.

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With a change-ready mindset and an agile approach, they are ready to seize the opportunities presented by both incremental change and sudden disruptions to achieve business transformation.



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