Give your customers the confidence and assurance when you take phone payments.

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Ensure your telephony solution meets PCI compliance

Protect card payment data over the phone, enhance caller experiences, and reduce your PCI-DSS compliance workload.

Our PCI compliant telephony solutions support your organisation’s ability to take secure phone payments for your customers and suppliers. Our cloud-based PCI payment service seamlessly integrates with our telephony systems, Microsoft Teams Calling and call recording solutions to provide you an all-encompassing service.


What makes our PCI compliant phone systems different?

Our PCI compliant phone systems stand out from the rest, offering a powerful and comprehensive solution designed to meet your unique business needs for secure payment processing over the phone.

Advanced integrated solution

One supplier for voice, PCI compliance and call recording

Removes human error through “always-on” functionality

Can be used for office, remote or mobile compliance

Get more than meeting PCI compliance with our telephony solutions

We offer an integrated approach, providing not only robust voice communication but also seamless PCI compliance and call recording, all from a single trusted supplier. Here are some ways that our PCI compliant telephone systems can support you to work smarter:

Supports your organisation’s regulatory compliance

Ease the burden of achieving your regulatory compliance with a PCI compliant telephony solution. If you are looking to enable communication productivity as week as meeting PCI or FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) compliance – we can help. With our solution, you can pass the regulatory headache to us, knowing that you have a trusted source communication to meet PCI and FCA compliance. Confidently provide your customers with the security and regulatory adherence they demand.


Remove human error

Eliminate the risk of human error when handling sensitive card payments over the phone. Some organisations still rely on manual ‘Pause/Resume’ methods to prevent card data from being captured in call recordings. However, this approach is prone to errors, as agents may forget to pause or resume recording, leading to inadvertent data capture. This results in entire call recordings being deleted, creating unnecessary complexity. Redcentric’s PCI compliant telephony solution offers a foolproof way to prevent human error. By seamlessly integrating secure payment processing with your telephony or Microsoft Teams calling systems, we ensure that card details are never recorded, reducing compliance-related challenges and safeguarding your reputation.

Call Centre workers Omnichannel

Making call via laptop and headset

One solution for all

Long gone are the days of people being in the office 5 days a week, and your compliance needs to accommodate these changes in working patterns. Redcentric’s PCI compliant telephony solutions provide a single, comprehensive answer to your payment security needs supporting your organisation on desk phones, soft phones, Microsoft Teams and mobile devices. Whether you’re dealing with regulatory compliance, human error concerns, or the demands of remote working, our solution covers it all. Say goodbye to fragmented approaches that involve separate network zones and additional IT tasks. With our unified solution, you can consolidate your efforts, simplify your compliance strategy, and provide a seamless payment experience for your customers. Embrace efficiency and security with Redcentric’s all-in-one telephony solution.


Reduce compliance costs

Redcentric’s telephony solutions can help your organisation to reduce the cost and effort of PCI-DSS compliance. Lower your compliance-related expenses and achieve secure telephony without compromising on efficiency. With the prevalence of data breaches and their potentially devastating consequences, the significance of PCI compliance becomes increasingly evident. For every business dealing with credit or debit cards, PCI compliance is a non-negotiable requirement. Effective PCI compliant telephony solutions can be deployed with minimal disruption to your operations. We support your PCI compliance by encrypting payment card information upon receipt, as well as during storage or transmission, to safeguard the sensitive data.

Key features of our PCI compliant telephony service:

  • PCI redaction
  • PCI compliant payment gateways
  • Masked dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) tones
  • Manual or automatic “pause and resume” call recording
  • Masked on-screen characters
  • Advanced telephony integration
  • Enhanced data security
  • Seamless PCI compliance

Ready to secure your telephony and meet PCI compliance?

Contact Redcentric today to transform your telephony into a PCI compliant powerhouse. Empower your business while ensuring the security of phone payments.

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