Redcentric earns an A* for Portsmouth school connectivity

11 October 2012

Redcentric is providing all schools across Portsmouth with super-fast internet connectivity critical to effective learning at half the previous cost, using its Portsmouth Wide Area Network fibre ring.

A need for increased network capacity has required Redcentric to replace its existing 10Mb/s broadband to 72 schools in the region with scalable 1Gb/s internet connections, allowing the hosting of valuable learning platforms, intranets, email servers and remote access solutions.

The solution is also set to boost the local economy with future developments to include the provision of low-cost high-bandwidth links to the network courtesy of Redcentric's 'Ethernet in the First Mile' service. The network will also be available to 30 more public service organisations including libraries and community centres.

Having worked with Redcentric since 2004, Portsmouth City Council tasked the VAR with providing a 'best value' solution maximising connectivity within budget constraints. Redcentric's decision to utilise the dormant fibre network is expected to save its schools £70,000 and allows future capacity increases without expensive reprovisioning.

Simon Whitworth, Technical Systems Architect, Portsmouth City Council explained, "The Redcentric solution is providing excellent value for money at a time when there is wider pressure on Portsmouth City Council to cut public service budgets. We are working with Redcentric to boost both education and the economy in Portsmouth through increased internet connectivity at a lower cost."

The service can provide schools across Portsmouth with up to 1Gb/s internet connections. Delivered by a scalable multi-gigabit core, currently providing a 200Mb/s service, its flexibility ensures the current and future connectivity demands of public services are met. Redcentric is responsible for 24/7 remote management of the service and for the maintenance of the core fibre network, active infrastructure and managed customer premises equipment where the schools connect to the WAN.

Whitworth said, "We like working with Redcentric because they provide solutions with high availability and very low downtime. Their expertly qualified consultants have been extremely flexible in meeting our requirements."

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