HSCIC grants permission to connect approved third parties to N3 network

29 May 2014

InTechnology Managed Services (part of Redcentric plc) has been granted aggregator status for the N3 network by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). As part of its new status, InTechnology will be responsible for assessing and approving applications from third party organisations wanting or needing to connect to N3 - the internal NHS network.

In addition to meeting the strict information governance standards set by HSCIC - required for all organisations connecting to N3 - InTechnology also met additional standards that specifically focussed on connectivity provision. Compliance with these standards now means that InTechnology can aggregate the connections to the N3 network on behalf of approved software providers, commercial and third sector providers of health and social care services.

This builds on InTechnology's experience gained over a decade of providing more than 10,000 connections into the N3 network.

Obtaining access to N3 requires detailed and extensive due diligence on the part of the supplier to ensure that it is able to match or exceed specific security and information governance standards required by the Department of Health and managed by HSCIC. InTechnology will be able to advise, help and support companies through the strict process of application and connection.

Mark Hall, divisional director of healthcare solutions from InTechnology, comments, "For suppliers looking to connect to the NHS internal network this new process will provide the skills, resources and time often lacking internally. It will also provide assurance that all information governance and security regulations are being met."

In addition to its infrastructure role, the N3 network delivers a range of innovative third-party software solutions, such as digital x-rays and analysis to front line patient care organisations in a safe and secure way.

InTechnology will also support new suppliers to the network with the on-boarding process to ensure it is as efficient and effective as possible.

As with any organisation connected to N3, aggregator status is subject to compliance checks by the HSCIC.