Redcentric confirmed as a HSCN CN-SP

09 May 2017

Redcentric becomes the first N3 commercial aggregator to win CN-SP status for HSCN.

Leading UK IT managed services specialist Redcentric has announced that it has recently achieved Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) compliance and will now be able to start offering HSCN connectivity services as a Consumer Network Service Provider (CN-SP). This follows on from its appointment earlier this year as HSCN’s Peering Network Service Provider, confirming Redcentric’s growing status as a key IT supplier to NHS Digital.

Redcentric is the first N3 commercial aggregator to gain CN-SP status, allowing it to provide a seamless service for existing N3 clients looking to migrate and to new clients looking for an expert, efficient and customer-centric HSCN connectivity solution. Redcentric remains the only provider to have been involved in all iterations of the various healthcare networks including N3, and now HSCN. As an N3 aggregator it delivered over 15,000 reliable, secure, high bandwidth connections.

Commenting on the achievement, Mark Hall, chief assurance officer, said: “Our unparalleled N3 track record across a spectrum of users - from hospitals to CCGs to ISVs; our continued investment within and dedication to the sector; and our on-going strategic engagement with NHS Digital, they’ve all helped shape a CN-SP that can be trusted to take an organisation into the new HSCN world safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Commercially, this also represents a very significant expansion of market opportunity for us: we can now sell into every area of health and social care, and more importantly, we can add significant value beyond the commodity connection – from supplying a wide range of overlay services to consulting on broader digital transformation initiatives, all aimed at helping to provide a more connected, efficient healthcare service for patients.”