Giving you better network performance for your money

09 July 2009

InTechnology and WAN optimisation specialist DBAM have come together to offer a free audit service designed to help firms get more network performance for their money. The initiative follows a recent successful project with Aberdein Considine, where DBAM's Intelligent Network Traffic Management (INTM) approach helped the firm avoid a £250,000 upgrade.

The audit aims to appeal to those organisations struggling with network performance and contention issues, and who have been advised that additional bandwidth is the only viable solution. The INTM concept focuses less on bandwidth and far more on network management, with DBAM technology bringing complete visibility of application traffic across the WAN and the ability to manage it as a whole and at individual application level.

In Aberdein Considine's case, they were regularly being told by their network provider that they were maximizing their 2MB connection when in fact, post-deployment of DBAM devices, they were able to prove that they were using only 60% of the available bandwidth.

Mark Halpin, InTechnology's legal sector manager, believes there's never been a better time to address the issue of resource utilization. "In functionally-rich environments, there's always the risk that certain applications may monopolize or poach bandwidth from others, inflicting unwelcome degradation on other parts of the network."

But simply throwing more resources at a problem rarely works - particularly when you can't even be sure that it will fix the underlying issue. You have to act on facts, not instinct, and once you're fully in the picture, you may be surprised at how much more you can do with what you've already got.

The audit is there to provide the facts. And while the headline benefit has to be the potential to save clients from premature six-figure investments, there are also other advantages that come with WAN optimization: greater productivity through enhanced application performance; fewer man hours lost in repetitive IT firefighting; improved user mood and morale courtesy of a faster, more resilient network, these can all be unlocked through INTM."