InTechnology set to revolutionise services with early adoption of 21st Century Network

09 January 2009

InTechnology has said it will be one of the first managed service providers to take advantage of BT's revolutionary 21st Century Network (21CN) programme - the multi-billion pound infrastructure project that will create high bandwidth Ethernet networks nationwide to help legal customers simultaneously improve their business performance and save money.

Giving a massive boost to customer choice and control, 21CN is the platform that will introduce a range of next generation services, customised and delivered as fully managed IT services.

To help law firms appreciate the transformational potential of 21CN in conjunction with managed IT services, InTechnology are launching two dedicated initiatives for clients and prospects.

The first comprises two 21CN launch seminars to be held at Wembley Stadium, one for new business, the other for existing customers (scheduled for the 10th February and 17th March respectively).

The second is a private half-day workshop for individual firms that can be arranged at any time to suit and held either on-site or at InTechnology's Harrogate or London offices. Called 21CN-ECT, the workshop will review existing technologies in the light of 21CN, map out future choices using the Grid concept, discuss migration and deployment timelines and identify operational gains and financial savings to be had from exploitation of the 21CN platform.

Stefan Haase, InTechnology's marketing director, is keen to get the 21CN message out to the market: "This is undoubtedly one of the most momentous developments for British business in the last fifty years. 21CN utilises open systems based on open platforms, introducing a new era of better, faster and more cost effective solutions with enhanced quality of service, greater choice and increased flexibility for users.

It will enable InTechnology to provide more services to more customers across more areas of the UK than ever before, whilst also allowing us to reduce costs for bandwidth in locations other than metroploitan areas. Moreover, by utilising the InTechnology grid, customers can take these services on a pay-as-you go, on demand basis. This gives them an adaptable, risk-free and hugely cost-efficient alternative to traditional commissioning, and a welcome option when current uncertainty is making long-term strategic IT planning problematic."

21CN and InTechnology

Roll out to 87% of businesses by April 2009

Until now Ethernet connectivity has been largely limited to selected urban areas, with coverage based on just 60 points of presence (POPs) in forty metropolitan areas. But the roll-out of 21CN will increase this number to 600 POPs, covering 87% of UK businesses, by April 2009; rising to 1100 POPs a year later providing the option of next generation Ethernet services to 98% of UK businesses.

Advantages of 21CN from InTechnology

  • Speed to market - no-one will provide this bigger, better, faster service sooner
  • End-user experience - completely consistent coverage from any location
  • Costs transformation - more for your money and total cost control - estimated costs savings of up to 40%
  • Complete control - it is the user who drives the application
  • Managed network - security and maintenance all managed from a central point
  • Robust infrastructure on tap - no need to invest in your own
  • Converged services - with voice and data all accessed across one network
  • Better by agreement - service levels agreed from day one, with 24/7 support
  • More services - available 'on tap' anywhere in the UK once you are on the network
  • Frees your IT team - to think more about business issues