Redcentric launches next generation business broadband

29 June 2010

IT and communications provider Redcentric today launched its next-generation business broadband. The service is designed for business customers who want more from their broadband supplier.

UK small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) may be tempted to use residential broadband services that may not be able to provide the speed, service quality and flexibility that business users need. Redcentric's new broadband for business delivers download speeds of up to 20Mbits/second, combined with unlimited use*, which enables companies to develop their use of the internet without worrying about unforeseen charges.

Redcentric is a business-only ISP offering a range of complementary IT products and services that provide safe access to business information. The company has its own core network, and its business broadband customers won't find their traffic in contention with, or shaped against, residential traffic.

Nikki Ratcliffe, Redcentric's marketing director, says: "Businesses need to be aware of the differences between broadband for business and residential internet services. The internet is an organisation's lifeline to its customers and stakeholders. Office broadband must perform cost-effectively and deliver maximum performance under all circumstances."

"While residential broadband is already a commodity market, decisions about business broadband cannot just be based on the headline cost. Reduced cost can also mean increased contention, reduced support, tighter data transfer limits and less focus on providing business-class connectivity and support. Not all broadband is created equal and it's important to compare products on a like-for-like basis, taking into account all the features and restrictions."

*subject to fair use policy