Save 70% on ISDN costs with SIP Trunks

14 July 2010

SIP Trunking from InTechnology Plc allows channel partners to maximise cost savings for their clients, with SIP Trunking reducing ISDN 30 costs by up to 70%, as well as providing much needed business continuity and a path to Unified Communications.

SIP Trunking connects the phone system to the public telephone network via the same network connection as a company's data services. With a single network for both data and voice, there is no longer any need to rent separate ISDN lines.

Substantial cost savings

Typical ISDN30 Line Rental costs £6,480 per annum*. Simply subtract from this the cost of a SIP equivalent, which is £1,710 per annum, and the saving of over 70% is realised. Channel partners can also achieve further savings on call costs of up to 45% including free on net calls between connected sites.

Phillip Toms, Partner Sales Manager at InTechnology, explains: "Channel partners can now offer their customers a staged approach to a fully hosted solution which allows recent switch investments to be sweated. SIP Trunking gives partners the flexibility to work alongside existing ISDN30s, providing a feature rich service with a range of cloud based services to enhance the PBX."

Key features of SIP Trunks 

  • Reduce or eliminate ISDN line rental charges
  • Free calls between sites
  • Competitive call tariffs for other calls
  • Free DDI rental
  • Add new features, i.e. call centre functionality
  • Add mobile and home-working telephony features
  • Improve business continuity with call routing between sites

Improve current telephony

As well as reducing costs, SIP Trunking brings a range of benefits to a company's existing telephony estate. Additional features can be delivered via the SIP Trunk, enhancing the current phone system and allowing businesses to get more out of their existing investments. For example they can overlay new features including call centre functionality, advanced call routing options and voicemail, or add mobile and home-working telephony.

SIP Trunking also improves business continuity with automated call routing between sites.

Paving the way for Unified Communications

Toms concludes: "SIP Trunking should be considered as a vital step for organisations wishing to include onsite phone systems as part of their Unified Communications strategy. Unlike ISDN, SIP Trunking provides a pathway to integration with other communications platforms, enabling organisations to benefit from productivity enhancing, cost effective and green Unified Communications."

Businesses can integrate voice, video, presence, instant messaging and conferencing using their existing phone systems. This increases the organisation's productivity through more effective communications. It also reduces travel costs and lowers the firm's carbon footprint.