Redcentric Launches EFM for Businesses in Cambridge

06 January 2011

Redcentric plc (AIM:RED), the network based provider of end to end managed services in the UK, has launched an Ethernet in the First Mile service 'EFM', in the City of Cambridge.

This advancement in next generation network technology, will deliver the latest evolution of internet services to the Cambridge Area. The EFM service provides the most flexible, reliable and cost effective connectivity and has the capacity to deliver 30 Mbps symmetrical bandwidth over existing telephone infrastructure already available at most businesses.

Previously, high speed symmetrical bandwidth services would be delivered using dedicated circuits such as fibre optic cable or copper leased lines but with EFM there is no need to dig into the building, which means the service can be rolled out quickly without the hassle, lead time or expense.

Redcentric, which already operates the Cambridge metropolitan area network (MAN), has linked EFM technology directly into its core network to extend the range of services. The MAN links back directly into the Redcentric 10G MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) Core. The full range of Redcentric's EFM compatible services includes internet services, point to point private connectivity, backup for fibre optic primary circuits services, access into Redcentric's Cambridge data centres and a dedicated link to its RedVault online data backup service.

Overall, the availability of EFM will assist businesses which require higher bandwidth without the inconvenience or costs involved with the installation of Fibre options. Similarly, it will help businesses which may want to move away from contended services such as broadband without the higher costs of fibre optic Ethernet.

Redcentric Chief Executive Tony Weaver commented: "EFM gives users more bandwidth when they need it, there's no waiting or sharing and crucially it is all provided at a lower cost. For businesses which utilise high bandwidth in their day-to-day operations, this service will provide real competitive advantage."