COVID-19 statement

25th March 2021


Redcentric continue to closely monitor the situation with regards to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes close attention to the latest guidance from the WHO as well as from government authorities.

Following the latest Government guidance the majority of our UK colleagues have now reverted to working from home unless they are not able to undertake their roles from a home location.

We have proved over the last 6 months that we can operate a remote working approach successfully and with no impact to the levels of service for our customers.

For those colleagues still operating from the office we will continue to maintain a system of worker bubbles and social distancing arrangements of 2 metres or more.

Our Hyderabad colleagues are continuing to work from home for the foreseeable future.

Our top priority continues to be the welfare of our colleagues, as well as maintaining a high level of service and stability for our customers.

The measures we continue to take:


Our People – UK and India

  • All employees who are able to work from home, are doing so – this includes both our UK and India operations.
  • Calls in to our service management centre continue to be answered both in and outside of the UK, and our UK staff have access to DR packs containing mobile phones.
  • We are maintaining regular communication to employees reiterating public health guidance including self-isolation guidelines.
  • Additional hygiene measures remain in place for anyone working from the office, including  hand sanitiser, wipes and as a precautionary measure, deep cleaning activities across all sites.
  • Office equipment, desk spacing and signage have been updated in line with government guidelines and worker bubbles have been established for anyone working from the office.
  • A ban on all work related international travel and restrictions on non-essential work travel remain in place.
  • Strict controls around customer and visitor access to sites remain in place, including temperature checking and the requirement to wear masks whilst on site.
  • We have undertaken a full COVID risk assessment in accordance with government advice, please see attached COVID-19 Risk Assessment 


External Visitors

  • Any non-essential supplier visits to our sites remain on hold.
  • Should a visit be deemed essential, temperature testing will be carried out before any visitor is permitted into site.
  • Customer visits to our data centres continue to be actioned as below:
    • All customer automatic access passes remain temporarily suspended.
    • Customers shall also have their temperatures taken upon arrival at any Redcentric site.
    • Any customer requiring access into a Redcentric Data Centre will need to raise an access request with our Support team detailing reasoning for an onsite visit.
    • Where possible, Redcentric shall offer Hands and Eyes assistance to alleviate the need for an onsite visit.


Our Services

  • As an ISO22301 Business Continuity certified company, Redcentric operates effective business continuity management to restore and deliver key services in the event of a critical incident, including lack of site access through localised virus outbreak right up to a pandemic.
  • Being a key supplier of your products and/or services, we are monitoring the progress of the virus and the news being released from the CMO Chief Medical Officer, ensuring communications are sent to all of our client base and the Redcentric Business Continuity Planning Team.


Our Suppliers

Redcentric’s supplier management process ensures that risk assessments have already been carried out with regards to our supply chain arrangements and their resilience. We also maintain a diverse range of suppliers and ensure healthy stock levels of physical equipment, without reliance on any single geographical supply.

In light of the guidelines issued by the Government, BT have made some changes to their processes to make sure customers and engineers remain safe in instances where entry to the premises is required.

Ahead of any BT visit, customers are politely requested to perform the following three simple steps in advance of the visit:

  • Clear a path to the main telephone socket on site, if you know its location.
  • Wipe down any surfaces around the socket, or that the engineers may come into contact with.
  • Open any windows or doors, if possible, where the engineer will likely have to work.


On the day of the visit, customers will also need to be aware of the following:

  • Upon arrival, the engineer will ask a number of screening questions to identify if any circumstances have changed.
  • The visiting engineer may wear a mask and /or gloves upon entry to the premises.
  • Where possible, please keep 2 metres social distancing from the engineer, if possible moving to a different room whilst work takes place.
  • Once the engineer has finished working, he / she will wipe down any surface they have touched before they leave the premises.


Our customers

  • In light of the new guidelines issued by the Government, Redcentric have reviewed the proactive alerting process to consider customer sites where closure has taken place. Any site which remains closed due to Covid-19 restrictions will be actioned as below:
    • Line testing, remote diagnostics and remote reloads where possible will continue to be actioned by the Redcentric Support teams in an effort to restore service.
    • If a circuit remains down or with issue, and site closure has been confirmed, this will now be placed on hold and triage will resume upon re-open.



  • These plans, plus any other pertinent information regarding changes to the situation will be updated on a regular basis.


Should you have any questions please contact your account managers and service delivery managers directly.

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