First impressions from our Leeds Rhinos apprentices

Our first two apprentices recruited through our partnership with Leeds Rhinos rugby league and Leeds College joined Redcentric on Monday 5th June. We asked them how their first few days had gone and how they were finding life at Redcentric.  

Caitlin Beevers 

It’s been really interesting. It’s a totally different job role to anything I’ve done previously. But coming in everyone has been so welcoming and they’ve been helping us to find our feet and make sure we feel comfortable. First impressions have been fantastic! 

I’ve already noticed the camaraderie in the office – everyone talks to everyone, I like the team structure and there’s no feeling that we can’t talk to people. So many people have said don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re struggling. I really enjoy being in the office.   

Day one we had introductions to everyone in the team and various people we’d be working closely with. We’ve also been making sure we have access to everything we need online and getting that sorted if we need to. Then there’s also been lots of HR courses which we’ve been doing online.  

What I like best about it all is that I feel very comfortable that it’s all about asking questions if you don’t understand something or need some help.  

It’s great that at the end of our first week, we will be getting on the phones and following up on an upcoming event with customers to ensure they’ve got their invites and to see if they are interested in coming to the event. It’s a great start point for the job which we are going to be doing.  

Zach McSwiney 

I’ve just finished my Public Services course at College after two years studying. I fast-tracked myself to complete all my assignments so I could start at Redcentric in June.  

But I’ll be continuing my studies with Leeds City College for the Redcentric apprenticeship, though it’ll be specifically to support my skills in the sales apprentice role.  

We will be starting the course in July and have one day at college and one day at home doing the coursework.  

I’ve also been speaking to lots of people in different roles, and we found out about things like the Cycle to Work Scheme and SMAX which is the support tool to get IT help.   

We’ve been learning the basics of what we are going to be doing in the future.  

Tomorrow, we’re going to be following up on some event invites and we’ve been getting familiar with a contact database we are going to be using and making a spreadsheet with telephone numbers so we can track everything we do and work efficiently. We’ve also created a supporting call script so we’ve got something to refer to if we need to when we start making calls tomorrow.  

It’s going to be great to be hands-on so quickly, once we get calling out on our list tomorrow.   

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