HSCN Peering Exchange contract win

Redcentric are delighted to announce the award of a new contract with NHS Digital to provide the HSCN Peering Exchange service for a further minimum term of 3 years and extendable by a further 3 years. The competitive procurement process, which resulted in the award of this multi-million pound contract to Redcentric, was focused around providing quality of service, security, and cost, with Redcentric scoring highly across more than 230 individual requirements and obligations detailed within the procurement process.


The HSCN Peering Exchange, which was created in 2017, is a critical part of the network infrastructure supporting the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN). It provides a central hub of connectivity between HSCN and over 20 Consumer Network Service Providers (CNSPs), whose customers are GP surgeries, hospitals and suppliers of healthcare solutions all of whom rely on HSCN for the delivery of health and social care services to patients.


Redcentric has enjoyed a close working relationship with NHS Digital for over 10 years. When the existing HSCN Peering Exchange contract comes to an end in January 2023, the Redcentric team will be focused on continuing to provide the quality, scalability and geo-resilience of the platform which underpins reliable, secure access to HSCN for up to 25,000 healthcare organisations including GPs, hospitals, national bodies such as the NHS Blood and Transplant as well as numerous social care organisations.


Patrick Clark, Director of Infrastructure Services for NHS Digital commented, ‘We are looking forward to continuing our successful partnership with Redcentric. The team have shown that they are a supplier who can provide high standards of service and work with us constructively.’


Peter Brotherton, CEO at Redcentric commented, ‘We’re delighted to be partnering with NHS Digital again to provide the Peering Exchange for a further term. We’ve been working with the team at NHS Digital for over 10 years now and we have developed a close and successful working relationship. We’re proud to be able to continue to support the NHS through the award of this contract.’

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