Gain valuable insights from the interactions across your organisation.

Business call recording

What could you do if you were able to capture every telephone conversation with your customers? You would get a better understanding of the experience you are delivering and discover ways to improve it, and you would gain valuable insights into why customers are calling and the sentiment of each call.

We help organisations to do just that. To harness every call for compliance, for quality purposes or to feed into advanced analytics and workflows to generate valuable insights.

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We have gained valuable insight from the call recording system such as how many patients were hanging up without having their calls answered. This enabled us to take remedial action, rerouting calls to a Patient Contact Centre which answers as the appropriate surgery and books patients’ appointments.

The value of call recording

Your organisation can gain significant benefits from being able to record every customer interaction, including:

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Understand & improve customer experience

Listen to customer interactions, understand their experience and learn from great examples to continually improve customer experience.

Call Recording - Gain Valuable Insight Benefits Icon

Gain valuable insight

By automating the analysis of every call, you gain valuable insight into why customers are calling, the general sentiment of calls and identify behavioural trends that can be addressed.

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Increasing efficiency

Simplify recording for your agent down to the touch of a button, while giving them the ability to go back and re-listen to the call to capture important details or tag against internal customer references.

Call Recording - Ensure Compliance Benefits Icon

Ensure compliance

Through automating the process of recording those calls that fall under regulation, you ensure your organisation is fully compliant and reduce the burden of compliance auditing and reporting.

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Reduced risk

By quickly being able to listen back to a queried conversation and hear exactly what was said, you can reduce the time taken on dispute resolution and ensure the right outcome is always reached.

Delivering success with call recording

See how Redcentric supports Thompsons Solicitors to enable company growth with a compliant and integrated communications system which removes the complexity of their previous legacy system and unharnesses their in-house IT teams from the burden of the day-to-day.

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Call recording capabilities

Our cloud-based call recording platform provides you with a wide range of features, including:

  • Compliance recording
  • Selective recording
  • On-Demand recording
  • Call playback
  • Call tagging
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Call transcription
  • Sentiment analytics
  • Speech analytics
  • Keyword search and notification

Why Redcentric call recording

We make it easy for you to record calls by providing a fully managed service from the cloud. This enables you to capture every interaction regardless of where it is routed to or device within your organisation. Our recording platform puts you in control of what is recorded, what is retained and who has access to those recordings.

It also provides you with an opportunity to drive additional value by leveraging advanced analytics to drill into each call and provide significant customer and operational insights.

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