Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) Services

The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) will start a full migration process from December 2017 looking to fully transition away from N3 by March 2019. The new network will provide a reliable, efficient and flexible way for NHS and non-NHS health and care organisations to work collaboratively, accessing and exchanging information across standardised networks between colleagues and services, reducing costs and complexity across the board.

HSCN aims to establish a standards-based approach to network services that will support increased integration and collaboration between health and social care providers. It is designed to establish a marketplace of assured network services that will drive competition between suppliers, improve consumer choice, support innovation and deliver value for money. Reducing reliance on a centrally managed, national, private network, it will encourage regional collaboration and enable the reuse and sharing of existing network infrastructure and services.

With the need to drive improvements and efficiencies at the forefront of the NHS England Five Year Forward View, HSCN will provide the underlying standards, infrastructure and services to enable improved information sharing and support flexible and remote working patterns. It will be a crucial component in the ability to deliver joined up health and social care services to citizens and patients.

Future consumers of HSCN will need to engage with a HSCN CN-SP (Consumer Network Service Provider) such as Redcentric, to gain access and consume services via the network.

Devon Doctors and Earl Mountbatten Hospice connect to HSCN

Devon Doctors and Earl Mountbatten Hospice connect to HSCN

Devon Doctors and Earl Mountbatten Hospice have successfully migrated over from N3 to HSCN and can start leveraging HSCN to the full, as Redcentric become the first provider to commence delivering live HSCN access to primary care and third sector sites.


What makes Redcentric different with HSCN?

  • CAS – Telecommunications certified (264868406-1500TEL)
  • One of the first CN-SP’s for HSCN
  • HSCN Peering Exchange provider
  • Government Standards Certified Facilities / Networks and Operations
  • G-Cloud assured supplier
  • An NHS commercial aggregator for over 15 years
  • Provide network assurance on behalf of the NHS
  • An NHS Health & Social Care Accredited Service Provider
  • Recognised public sector expertise
  • Sector-specific private, public and hybrid cloud platforms 15- year track record
  • Enablement of shared networking with other public service bodies and the private sector
  • Best of breed industry expertise
  • Geographic coverage and pedigree in DR/BC services from own UK data centres

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