Why Redcentric?

Redcentric is a leading UK IT managed services provider that has been delivering IT and Cloud solutions to the public sector for over 18 years. We offer a range of assured hybrid cloud-based infrastructure, platform and collaboration services to help public sector organisations to overcome demanding operational and fiscal challenges.

There’s a new spirit of agility and dynamism within the public sector as the digital transformation agenda takes hold and buying frameworks such as G-Cloud and Digital Outcomes and Specialists help simplify procurement and accelerate project delivery.

Its opened the door for a new breed of supplier too, one that is focused on client success, agile, responsive, aligned, committed to delivering the best possible solution at the best possible price point. Frequently our own approach is characterised as a ‘breath of fresh air’ or ‘welcome commonsense’, the diametric opposite of the rather turgid, frustrating legacy relationships that organisations are now seeking to break with. It’s our openness, integrity, diligence and proven performance that appeal to our public sector clients, as they seek to partner with someone they can truly trust to help them in their IT quest to get well and to get fit.

Together we are now freeing those organsiations from the shackles of ageing IT and constraining commercials, offering up instead the modernity and flexibility of agile managed solutions and short-term value-centric contracts. We’re helping them get well, and increasingly we’re also helping them get fit through genuinely transformational digital initiatives. Our solutions and services are already in place supporting innovation across government, driving up enhancements for UK citizens while driving down costs for UK taxpayers.

At a time when increasingly it’s not what you do but the way that you do it that really counts, Redcentric’s honest, accountable and energetic ‘can do’ style is a welcome antidote to what’s gone before. Most importantly, it’s being well received by those who matter: we take extreme pride in what our recent major government clients have said about our work. 

“We’ve been thrilled by the success of this project and the transformational impact it has had on our ability to deliver. Because of the complexity of the environment, and because we had previously already had a couple of unsuccessful attempts at achieving this, we really didn’t think it could be done. But Redcentric have proved us wrong. They really pulled out all the stops and we now have a highly secure, extremely reliable, Cloud-based platform which has helped us save costs and improve performance. We’ve been impressed by the extensive technical expertise of the Redcentric team, their comprehensive G-Cloud experience, their understanding of the highly sensitive nature of much of the data involved, and the collaboration between their service management team and ours.”

Colin Mee, Head of Technical Support and Solutions Group - Department for Work and Pensions