HSCN Hosting

Health and care organisations and ISVs looking to host their systems, applications and data within secure, resilient HSCN-connected hosting environments can be assured by Redcentric's HSCN compliant hosting service.

Our high performance hosting service, built around fully accredited data centres and reliable HSCN connectivity, is perfectly suited to those organisations looking to store, transit and process applications and sensitive data, including healthcare data, over the NHS network, HSCN.

Redcentric's HSCN hosting service offers the highest levels of availability and support, with a round the clock support team and data replication across a geographically diverse data centre estate. These UK-based facilities are owned and managed by Redcentric and use dedicated fibre links for optimum performance.


Redcentric has been delivering NHS network services for many years and we were one of the leading aggregators of the precursive N3 connectivity; we are continuing our hosting tradition in the new era of HSCN, supporting health and care users, as well as ISVs, with their evolving requirements.

  • HSCN connectivity allows data/applications to be served to NHS
  • High availability twin data centres with disaster recovery by design
  • Best of breed solutions - EMC, VMware, HP, Cisco
  • Deliver content across the NHS and social care from HSCN connected platforms
  • Highly experienced sector experts to help organisations navigate technical challenges
  • Solutions designed to meet stringent SLAs around availability and performance
  • No-single-point-of-failure design ethos ensures a resilient infrastructure and maximum uptime
  • Industry-leading levels of resilience and security provide assurance and confidence to end users

Engage with Redcentric now & get ready for December

With pilot customer migrations onto the HSCN network happening this July we’re actively talking to existing customers and those looking to move onto the new NHS network now. Our healthcare team works alongside your organisation to get you ready to meet the HSCN assurances required when hosting your data and applications.


  • Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC)
  • HSCN CN-SP certified
  • NHS Business Partner
  • HSCN Peering Exchange Provider
  • NHS Digital - accredited N3 ISP (Network Access Agreement 0740)
  • Independent aggregator of IGSoC Version 14 with a score of 100%
  • Compliant Commercial Third Party (NACS Code YGMAP)
  • Accredited to store patient data for and behalf of the NHS
  • ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO22301 certified
  • NHS Digital approved N3 commercial aggregator and HSCN CN-SP

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