Deliver software from our HSCIC-approved data centres

Helping software companies deliver highly available, resilient and N3 compliant solutions to reduce ISV’s costs and increase efficiencies

Today’s users expect to access software from anywhere, at any time, using a range of devices… this is driving the move to Cloud services and Software as a Service.

Redcentric’s N3 hosting service allows you to host your software platform within our secure and resilient N3-connected UK data centres, providing you with the perfect location from which to deliver your SaaS application.

Our N3 hosting solution is aligned to support you and your business objectives by improving your time to revenue with agile deployments and rapid solution delivery, replacing rigid perpetual or licence charges with attractive per user, per month billing models and removing the time spent managing infrastructure to allow you to refocus on software development.


currently provider of over 12,000 connections


authorised to store "official-sensitive" data


Managed N3 on-boarding fast & Hassle free


Increased availability 99.99% SLAS


reduced costs & increased efficiencies


over 13 years' experience in healthcare

Our range of hosting solutions for ISVs is designed to enhance application delivery and ensure customer satisfaction through high availability SLAs. Our platforms and facilities are accredited to ISO standards (ISO 27001 and ISO 9001) and meet the requirements for delivering applications over PSN and N3 networks.  

Redcentric operates 4 UK data centres in London, Reading, Harrogate and Cambridge. Our data centres provide highly secure, HSCIC approved computing environments with 24/7/365 A/C power, with UPS and generator backup. Each data centre benefits from computer monitored climate control and ventilation (HVAC), and fire suppression.

Our N3 capabilities don’t just stop at Hosting, for more information on our other N3 services please visit our N3 Network Access, N3 Remote Access & N3 Commercial Aggregator pages.

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