Public Wifi Service Providers

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets to access the internet has meant that many businesses such as retailers, estate agents, car dealers and financial services firms are turning to mobile advertising to spread their message.

Smartphones have allowed customers to check product reviews, compare prices and offers, and seek advice from friends via text or email about potential purchases - all of which requires a good 3G signal to secure online access.

"Renault have selected Redcentric as a partner to provide a compliant wireless customer Internet access solution to their dealerships, one element of the Renault Business Promise. This is an exciting new agreement with a highly respected market leading Global Organisation which was won as the result of a competitive tender in conjunction with our partners Wicoms. Redcentric was selected because of the capacity, resilience and scalability of our core network and our ability to provide a compliant solution." - Dominic Watts, Manager - Dealer Services, Renault

Smart businesses are aware that they need to engage mobile consumers. Consumers are likely to check prices and offers online, so it makes sense to approach them with m-commerce solutions, and take control of the process by delivering the Internet access they're looking for.

Redcentric can aid you in taking advantage of this opportunity by offering unique second generation public Wi-Fi and analytics. We offer more than just connectivity, such as:

  • An insight into what your online visitors do when they are on your Wi-Fi network
  • An opportunity to convert your Wi-Fi prospects into customers by reaching out to them when they are either in store or browsing outside