IT Configuration Management

Configuration consulting is all about taking what you have and making it better. Over time IT estates inevitably detune: they develop at different speeds, head in different directions, push on to the new while forgetting about the old. Without regular retuning, performance and potential are compromised: that's what this service addresses, optimising the health, security, and capability of systems with particular focus on leveraging advanced product features.

We analyse all aspects of your current environment to identify how best to remediate existing issues and to optimise systems going forward. It's effectively a healthcheck encompassing both diagnosis and treatment plans, using a broad range of workload and performance metrics plus network mapping and configuration data.

We look to maximise customers' use of advanced product features, such as compression, caching, traffic shaping and network and application tuning. This can secure significant gains for a small time/know how investment.

The service can be delivered off or onsite depending on the requirements of your project.