Delivering full-fibre projects with a trusted partner for gigabit capable connectivity

Full-fibre broadband will transform the way the UK’s population connects and herald a new digital era for the economy. It’s estimated that it will increase workforce productivity by 3.8%, that’s £59 billion and create up to 1.2 million new jobs. It will improve connectivity and make remote working viable for an additional 400,000 people.


Full-fibre broadband is certainly very high-profile when it comes to new IT infrastructure, but when it comes down to the practicalities, it’s all about effective project management. It’s worth considering that digging in the ground to lay new cables can cause disruption. Although the work is staggered and often takes place at night to minimise impact, you want to be sure that you’ve got your finger on the pulse of your project, and you’re in safe hands.


You’re going to need a partner that has the skills to manage large-scale infrastructure projects and who also has the close vendor relationships which enables you to get good control and oversight of the project from beginning to end and who can leverage the right communication channels to resolve challenges quickly.


Your first step to choosing a supplier will be via the procurement portal or DPS – Gigabit Capable Connectivity DPS (RM6095). You may already be familiar with the Crown Commercial Service’s Direct Procurement System. As a customer, you can invite qualified suppliers on the framework to compete to deliver your project. So, when you visit the government’s procurement portal, you can be confident that any supplier has already passed stringent checks to ensure they have the right capabilities to deliver full-fibre and you are getting a proposal which is competitively priced.


So how do you know how to choose?

Most organisations are looking for a safe pair of hands in whom they can place their trust. Redcentric is a trusted supplier to countless public sector organisations which include NHS organisations, local councils and schools. But what stands out, is that Redcentric is a managed service provider who can also provide a whole host of overlay services once your full-fibre project is complete, so that you can really reap the benefits of your investment quickly once the fibre is in the ground.


Our customers usually say it better than us. So, in the words of a recent customer.

There are certain suppliers who really want to help you and others who just want to tick the box. Redcentric are definitely on the side of being helpful and want to go above and beyond to help their customers.

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