Using WAN Insight to support your network availability and business growth

Information is power – knowing how your wide area network is performing and being able to identify issues is essential for organisations. Lift the lid on your network performance, by using WAN Insight. This allows you to have a high-level glance as to how your network is performing, identifying if your users could be experiencing any issues and allowing you to optimise your network architecture.

Below, we look at how you can use this visual dashboard to track your network performance which will in turn support your network availability and business growth:


High level view of your network performance and resource consumption

At a glance understand how your WAN estate is performing. An easy to view dashboard showing ping time response, inbound and outbound bandwidth, CPU usage and issues in different locations through a global map. Designed to give you a high-level overview of the information you need quickly, you can also drill down to get more in-depth stats.


Get to the root of issues faster

Understand how your traffic flows across your network, with the ability to identify congestion or over-consumption of your network. Keep your network running smoothly for your uses by drilling into network anomalies to analyse the root cause.


Plan your network capacity

Base your future network plans on your performance history. Look back through your data on WAN Insights to gather trends and performance data as part of your capacity management planning to suit future requirements.


Ensure network traffic is optimised

Track the flow of data so you can identify bandwidth issues, heavy traffic areas and performance bottlenecks. Troubleshoot your network to pinpoint geographical areas of weakness and where redundancy needs to be added to strengthen your WAN network.


Ensure your network is nimble and can cope with changes in usage

Get the insights to support the agility of your network. At a glance understand if there are capacity issues across your wide-area network, so you can re-route traffic or increase bandwidth capacity based on your Insight reports, enabling you to proactively prevent downtime.


Pull reports so you can share network performance with your team

Keep your team informed by sharing information seamlessly. Share reports or views of your dashboard with others, downloading the data and graphs for manipulation and inclusion within your own reports.


Contact your Account Manager to find out more about how you can use WAN Insight to improve your network performance.




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