When is SMAX launching?

SMAX will replace HP Service Manager from 2nd February 2022.


Will I use the same login details as Service Manager?

Redcentric will migrate your user account across. You will login using the same username or email address, but you will need to follow the password reset process using the link here. This is to maintain high standards of security in line with the Redcentric policy.


How can we get prepared for using SMAX?

Check out the training videos, the FAQs and speak to your Account Manager or Service Delivery Manager for further support, if needed. SMAX is highly intuitive, easy to navigate and provides a fresh new modern interface which makes it easy to adopt.


What should I do when I login to SMAX for the first time?

When you login for the first time, you will be asked to reset your password. Please follow the password recovery steps. Once you are logged in you will be taken to the new SMAX dashboard which will allow you to select the service area relevant to your request.


What if I forget my SMAX password or the link in my SMAX password reset email has expired?

If you forget your SMAX password, please follow the password recovery steps.


What are the key changes I should expect to see after logging in?

The SMAX dashboard displays service tiles which provide a direct link through to the relevant service and support offerings, articles, and latest news. The search bar and virtual agent allows you to search for help to diagnose issues and to place a service or support request. News articles which are relevant to your search will appear first in search results so that you are kept up to date on the latest issues or announcements.


Where can I see my service and support requests?

By clicking on ‘Your Requests’ which is located to the right side of the search bar, you will be able to see a list of requests which allows you to keep track of your service and support requests. ‘Public requests’ show you requests already logged by colleagues within your organisation. This will allow you to see the status of service and support requests right across your organisation.


Can I live chat with one of the support team via the Virtual Agent?

The virtual agent will provide ‘live chat’ in a future phase of SMAX, but not from launch. The virtual agent will initially provide an alternative way to search for information during Phase 1 of SMAX.


What’s the most effective way to self-diagnose my issue?

To self-diagnose an issue, either use the search bar or the virtual agent by typing in your issue e.g., slow connection. Articles will appear in the search results which assist with self-resolution. If you do not see an article to assist with resolution for your issue, please select a relevant ‘support request’ and complete the form.


Where are the options to raise a change, for example to update a back-up schedule?

The way we describe change requests has changed. Firstly, there are two types of offerings within SMAX. These are service requests and support requests. Change requests are now known as service requests. Incidents are now known as support requests. You can find service and support offerings by searching in the search bar and completing the relevant form. * Note, within our Service Definitions, Change Requests will now refer to Service Requests.


What do I do if I can’t find a relevant support request after searching using the search bar?

If you cannot find a relevant support request, please try using alternative key words relating to your query. Alternatively, if immediate technical report is required, please contact our support team on 0345 120 7070. For other queries or requests please contact your Account Manager or Service Delivery Manager.


How do I log a support ticket?

To log a support ticket, simply type in key words relating to your issue using the search bar or virtual agent. Then select the appropriate Support (or Service Request) for completion. For other queries or requests please contact your Account Manager or Service Delivery Manager.


Where can I find an update on my service or support requests?

For updates relating to your service or support requests, view ‘Your requests’ on the SMAX dashboard. There are four filters for requests. These are grouped as ‘Open’ or ’Closed’. ’Public requests’ shows other requests within your organisation. ‘Following’ allows you to follow a public request to get updates.


Can I see requests raised by others within my organisation?

Find ‘Your requests’ on the SMAX dashboard. Select to filter by ’Public request’. shows other requests within your organisation. ‘Following’ allows you to follow a request by someone else in your organisation and to get updates.


How can I view all the detail within a request?

To view all the detail within a request, select the request reference and select view to see full details. All the information, which was captured on the request, including the resolution will be displayed. Interactions and attachments are also visible.


If I have an idea for enhancement of the portal, where I can channel this?

All ideas can be shared with your Account Manager or Service Delivery Manager, or if you prefer you can feedback by completing the following form.. These will be reviewed regularly and those selected for implementation will be prioritised.


If I identify a defect, where can I channel this?

Where a defect is identified please log a Support request directly within the SMAX portal by searching for ‘SMAX defect’ in the search bar or alternatively, select the ‘Applications’ tile from the dashboard and search.

Let us know your feedback on SMAX

We welcome suggestions and feedback on SMAX and would like to hear of any enhancements you would like to see. These will be reviewed on a 4-weekly basis and selected for prioritisation.



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