Celebrating success

We were recently invited to celebrate success at an evening hosted by Megabuyte for 2021/22 award winners and alumni. Redcentric delivered a strong financial performance among its peers throughout the pandemic and into 2022 and was awarded Megabuyte Quoted25 Best performing company for IT Managed Services in March 2022.


We’ve been reflecting on market developments and in the context of the UK’s ongoing economic challenges, what Redcentric’s growth, acquisitions and financial stability mean for customers.


Since September 2021 a series of 5 acquisitions means that the company now offer a breadth and depth of services to customers which represent one of the most comprehensive IT portfolios in the market.


It’s not just the service portfolio which has been extended; Redcentric has long been known for its specialist knowledge and expertise across some of the most demanding and highly regulated sectors out there, notably legal, finance, central government, and healthcare to name but a few. This is not surprising given its considerable track record and a significant customer base across both the public and private sectors.


As one customer remarked, ‘We are now backed by a significant national provider with a wealth of experience and technical experts that we trust and can rely on, which effectively extends the capabilities of our own internal team.’


Recent acquisitions have complemented and extended existing expertise by bringing in additional skills for example in the hyperscale cloud sector from the Piksel Industry Solutions acquisition. Current customers like The White Company, Heathrow and Channel4 have used hyperscale cloud to transform their business models and operations.


Redcentric’s acquisition of further assets through the 4D and Sungard data centres not only increase physical presence, with now 8 data centres across the UK, but they also add further Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services and teams with the skills and expertise which can support customers with resilience.


Against a backdrop of economic and political uncertainty, resilience and cyber-security will continue to be of critical importance to every organisation.


With cyber-security always top of the agenda, the acquisition of 7Elements has brought a wealth of cyber-security expertise to Redcentric. Services include security testing, incident response management and managed vulnerability scanning, all of which can be used to provide independent security assessments. But it’s also the experience and depth of expertise upon which customers can draw to help them to identify the most appropriate level of assurance which will add significant value.


McKinsey* talks of the world being on the ‘cusp of a new era’, due to ‘The unnerving combination of a global pandemic compounded by energy scarcity, rapid inflation, and geopolitical tensions boiling over which has left people wondering what certainties there are.’


Reflecting on Redcentric’s successful track record of growth, acquisition and financial performance, Redcentric customers can be confident that they are entrusting critical IT infrastructure to a safe pair of hands; a trusted partner with the expertise to support them through turbulent times while keeping an eye on future technologies and how these can benefit our customers.


* Source: McKinsey Global Institute, On the cusp of a new era, October 2022

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