Redcentric’s new cloud platform delivers unprecedented performance with up to 25x speed increases

Performance, security, and innovation is at the heart of Redcentric, a leading national managed IT service provider, who has invested £3 million in a new cutting-edge UK cloud platform. This state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure leverages the latest advancements in VMware Cloud Foundation 5 and HPE GreenLake technologies, positioning Redcentric as a lead innovator in the cloud services landscape.


Resulting in increased scalability of clients operations and removing the traditional concerns associated with performance limitations, ensuring applications run faster and end-user experiences are significantly enhanced.


Key features of Redcentric’s cloud platform:

Best-in-class technology: Underpinned with the latest VMware VCF5 and HPE GreenLake technologies, the new cloud platform utilises cutting-edge, best of breed technology to create a highly extensible and reliable cloud experience.

Hyperscale ability: Redcentric’s cloud platform delivers hyperscale capabilities for applications, offering a robust alternative to public cloud services. This empowers businesses with the flexibility and scalability needed for their diverse workloads within a sovereign secure environment.

Up to 25x faster speeds: The platform exhibits impressive speeds, processing information at rates up to 25 times faster than previous platforms. This dramatic speed increase translates to quicker system refresh rates, providing a superior user experience.

Exclusive VCF5 expertise: Redcentric stands out as one of only two UK service providers utilising VMware Cloud Foundation 5 (VCF5), showcasing the company’s commitment to adopting the latest and most robust cloud technologies for customers future demands.

Designed for modern applications: Redcentric’s new cloud platform is purpose-built to support modern applications, meeting the evolving needs of organisations striving to innovate in the cloud-driven future.

Future-proof investment: Redcentric’s investment in compute, storage, and network improvements lays the foundation for a future-ready platform, setting the stage for easy integration of platform-as-a-service and database-as-a-service offerings.

Strategic nationwide network: Meeting the growing need for data assurance and performance speeds, Redcentric’s cloud is hosted in wholly owned UK data centres and leverages Redcentric’s UK geographically dispersed data centres for reduced latency and improved application performance.


Steve O’Brien, Managing Director of the Cloud and Cyber Security divisions at Redcentric, emphasised the strategic importance of this investment, stating, “Redcentric is not just introducing a cloud platform; we are ushering in a new era of performance, security, and innovation. Our new UK cloud platform is a testament to our dedication to providing businesses with the best-in-class cloud services, tailored for the demands of the future.”


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