Enabling smarter working across your organisation with a centralised, scalable and secure desktop environment.

Virtual Desktop Service Provider

We help you to simplify the management of your end-user desktop environment by providing a fully managed desktop service. We virtualise your desktop environments in our cloud, centralising management and delivering a highly reliable, secure and consistent environment to end-user devices.

Remove the burden on your IT team of maintaining and keeping desktop environments current across a vast array of devices; we provide a managed desktop service that end-users can securely access from any location utilising any device.

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It also gives us the perfect opportunity to re-engineer the front end experience, to give clinicians and healthcare staff a desktop that actually works for them and their patients. Through the use of single sign-on and persistent connections, we can remove this frustration, free up that time for colleagues to spend that time focusing on patient care, and give all of our colleagues a consistent and standardised IT service.

Creating working efficiencies with a hosted desktop solution

By virtualising your desktop environment as a service from Redcentric there are many benefits to be gained, including:

Hosted Desktop - Reduced CAPEX Benefits Icon

Reduced capital expenditure

Consume your solution as a hosted desktop service, moving to a predictable operating expense model and removing the unpredictable CAPEX in hardware and software.

Hosted Desktop - Increased Agility Benefits Icon

Increased agility

Provision new desktops at speed and effectively respond to changing operational demands by centralising changes to end-user desktop environments.

Hosted Desktop - Reduced Management Overhead Benefits Icon

Reduced management overhead

Remove the burden on local support teams to manage end-user devices and keep local software current and secure.

Hosted Desktop - Increased Availability Benefits Icon

Increased availability

Host your end-user desktops in a highly resilient cloud, in our purpose build data centres, proactively monitored by our support team.

Hosted Desktop - Increased Security Benefits Icon

Increased security

Remove applications and data from end-user devices and keep this in a secure cloud with stringent access controls.

Hosted Desktop - Responsive End-User Support Benefits Icon

Responsive end-user support

Give your end-users the benefit of having a highly responsive help desk available 24/7 manned by a team that know your organisation and the hosted desktop service provisioned for your users.

12 Benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

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Capabilities of our hosted desktop service

Our remote and managed desktop service provides the following features:

  • Hosted virtualised desktop
  • Anywhere, any device access
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Managed upgrades & patches
  • Inherent resilience
  • Fully backed-up
  • Advanced security
  • 24/7 end-user support

Why Redcentric for hosted desktop

As a managed service provider, we are able to support you with a highly scalable, resilient and secure hosted desktop service for your end-users. We ensure that your centralised environment is meticulously monitored, managed and optimised to provide the best possible experience.

We also work closely with you to align your hosted desktop service to the specific needs of your end-users, focusing on delivering them the tools they require to ensure they are productive and able to work smarter.

Discuss your requirements

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements or understand more about the hosted desktop options we can deliver, simply complete the form and we will connect you with one of our experts.



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